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By , Submitted on 2017-01-19

I have loved reading Laura's book "Knowing Her Intimately!" What an incredible book, still reading it and doing the homework too!! The first chapter was amazing and how she said that Satan is using sex to destroy marriages and lives on both ends of the spectrum!! He has taken it over with pornography and things like women that grow up thinking it's bad and then struggle to think its ok after marriage!! I loved how she said we need to take sex back as the God-given gift that we have in marriages...a way to connect and love each other in a deeper way!! She also talks about being sexual and how it is part of our divine nature, part of our wholeness!! How we need to embrace it!! So many points hit on!! As women our minds go constantly, between negative thoughts and self worth to worries about kids and life! I have been doing her breathing exercises to calm my mind down from the worries of the day to focus on my husband and love him in the bedroom and dedicate myself completely to him while in the act....that's harder than I realized!! Also keeping focused on the positive all throughout the day every day!! This is so crucial to learning and practicing for a truly happier sextroidinary marriage!! So very Important!! Thank you Laura for writing this book!! A true inspiration for couples that really need help!!! Who knew...SEX!!!👍😘

Another Inspiring book by Laura Brotherson
By , Submitted on 2016-12-09

I was so excited to discover that Laura wrote another book. Her first, "And They Were Not Ashamed", helped to transform my marriage and is a stable for the the work that I do as a therapist and in counseling couples as a lay church leader. There are numerous books on sexuality, but Laura's books offer a fresh and uplifting perspective. She beautifully strengthens the connection between sex as a spiritual act and aspects of playfulness, creativity, novelty and joyful practice. In "Knowing Her Intimately" she expands upon this foundation adding research, professional experience and practical exercises. I am now reading it through a second time with my highlighter, as my wife reads as well. Similar to her first book I feel a Spirit of excitement and inspiration as I read each page.

By , Submitted on 2016-09-25

My husband and I discovered Laura's first book when we were having some pretty difficult struggles in our marriage. That one changed our marriage forever, but Laura's new book has and will change our marriage even more! We have been married for almost 18 years, and the main problems my husband and I have faced have involved sex and communication. This book addresses both issues. Being able to communicate about sex has been key in our relationship, and being able to communicate with understanding to back up our words makes all the difference. Not only does Laura help men understand their wives, but I have been able to learn things about myself through this book that I don't think I could have learned any other way. The homework assignments really help solidify each chapter. This is not just a book to read through, but a book to WORK through. The way it is designed really helps solidify the concepts so they can become a part of your life, not just something you read somewhere. Every couple, from newly weds to 'nearly deads' should read and work through this book. It WILL change your relationships forever!

A great resource to help couples unlock the mystery of women's sexuality
By , Submitted on 2016-09-19

This book will help husbands make sense of the confusion most men experience when trying to figure out their wife in the bedroom. Most men think there is a secret code that only a select few men have ever cracked. Others feel that the stars have to align perfectly before they can get it right with their wife. Laura breaks down the process of sexual intimacy into easy-to-understand language that any man can understand. This book isn't only for men. Many women feel like their bodies and emotions are a mystery to them. Couples will benefit from reading this book together and discussing what works/doesn't work for them. I've been counseling couples for almost twenty years and this is the one book I will be recommending first. Laura let me review an early draft and I am excited to finally have a copy I can pass out to clients. Well done, Laura! This guide is written tastefully, respectfully, and clearly.

Incredibly Insightful!!
By , Submitted on 2016-09-13

Laura Brotherson’s new book, ‘Knowing Her Intimately, 12 Keys for Creating a Sextraordinary Marriage'’ is fantastic!! Building on her first book, “And They Were Not Ashamed, Strengthening Marriage through Sexual Fulfillment’, these ‘sex/marriage therapies in a book’ are extraordinary! For anyone struggling with intimacy or why/how ‘good girls do’, this book is a must. It’s not easy to consider counseling when it comes to intimacy issues, but this book opens the door to real communication and incredible information. Combining practical knowledge of the physical nature of sex with the personal knowledge that God intended sex to be an enjoyable part of marriage brings meaning to her idea of having a ‘sextraordinary’ marriage. While women sometimes struggle with certain aspects of intimacy, and men struggle to understand that struggle, Laura helps woman realize their potential. On that same note, a man reading this book can get ‘insider information’ on a woman’s wiring by reading this book with his wife. Written in easy to understand terms, with a bit of humor thrown in to keep things fun (and isn’t sex suppose to be fun?!), ‘Knowing Her Intimately’ will be kept in my bedside table, right next to Laura’s first book. The ‘homework’ and other writing ‘assignments’ outlined in this book really helped me dig deeper into my own thoughts about intimacy and I found it incredibly insightful! While dragging your spouse to a relationship counselor may seem impossible, I promise you can both learn a LOT from reading this book together!

A giant megaphone, broadcasting what women everywhere are trying to say about their unique sexual needs!
By , Submitted on 2016-09-13

She's done it again! After doing her homework, Laura has taken the latest research in sexuality and condensed it into an easy to read and apply handbook for anyone wanting to better understand what works for women sexually. As a whole, this book acts like a giant megaphone, broadcasting what women everywhere are trying to say about their unique sexual needs. For those who don't have the words to describe their experiences, desires and needs, reading this book will give you the language to express yourself more clearly and confidently. For those who do have the words, but continue to feel unheard, it will give you needed validation, comfort, and courage to continue to strive for a "sextraordinary" relationship you so desire. This book is not just for those who are struggling or feel uneducated in the area of sexuality. As a long time marriage therapist and sexual addiction recovery therapist, I've already highlighted more than a dozen new ideas to help my couples tackle this vital area successfully, creatively and even with some fun thrown in! She highlights the importance of areas such as Time, Tenderness and Thoughts as well as Technique, Teasing and Treats, among her 12 T's. Woven throughout, she uniquely includes the Spiritual aspect, an often overlooked or undervalued area connected with sexuality for many women.

A must read!
By , Submitted on 2016-09-12

I learned so much from this book and enjoyed every page. This book really has the potential to transform your intimate relationship. I liked the organization of the book. It was very reader- friendly, and the 12 T's help you remember what you've learned! The writing style keeps your attention, and is entertaining while also being respectful to the sacredness of the topic. I would recommend this book to anyone, male or female, newlywed or married for decades. I learned a lot about myself and think that the information is this book is invaluable!

By , Submitted on 2016-09-11

This book is fabulous. Laura brings hope and help to married couples seeking to improve their sexual relationship. Whether couples are newlyweds, or have been married for ten, twenty, thirty or more years, there is something in 'Knowing Her Intimately' for each of them. I personally like the simple ideas of touching throughout the day as you pass by each other, weekly dates, and cultivating a "flirty" relationship.

Knowing Her Intimately
By , Submitted on 2016-09-10

This book will change lives, improve marriages, and influence generations! With a tasteful, spiritual, and easy to digest approach, Laura Brotherson helps the reader to understand what may be a road block in their relationship, and helps them to work through it. I love the examples she shares of real couples, that make it so much easier to apply the inspired and much needed information. EVERY COUPLE SHOULD GET THEIR HANDS ON THIS BOOK! Whether you've been married 40 days or 40 years, you will learn many important things about yourself and your spouse that will be beneficial to your emotional and sexual connection. You are going to love it!

This masterpiece is the most important book I've ever read to help married couples exponentially increase their marital success, satisfaction, & sexual enjoyment!
By , Submitted on 2016-09-10

Wow! I am super impressed with everything about this book! I love the use of alliteration with the 12 T's! This book had me entertained from start to finish! I couldn't put it down! I learned a lot from this book! I wondered how Laura could top her first book And They Were Not Ashamed, but this one is even better! It is more comprehensive, thorough, entertaining, and detailed! I loved how different clients' experiences were used to illustrate points! I loved the assignments that were given to journal! I loved the sections in the Appendix, especially the questions that couples can ask each other! I loved the teachings on how any form of pornography damages marital relationships! I love how she refers people to her website and podcasts, to enlarge their understanding and expand their horizons on the potential sexual fulfillment and joy that they can experience in this life! I love how bold she is throughout the book, teaching truths that has Satan shaking in fear, because she is removing false creeds that have been riveted upon the minds of men and women in society for many years! I especially value and love books that transform lives, and this book will transform lives better than any book I've ever read!

Having read over 3,000 LDS books in my lifetime and having read a few hundred books on marriage & family relationships and/or marital intimacy, and having a Bachelor of Science Degree from BYU in Marriage, Family and Human Development, I thought I had a lot of experience and knowledge on the subject that this book addresses, but I must say that this book, Knowing HER Intimately: 12 Keys for Creating a Sextraordinary Marriage, was the most entertaining, informative, worthwhile, and thorough book that I've ever read on any subject and especially on the subject of marital intimacy! I learned so much vital information from this masterpiece! I look forward to reading it again, again, and again! I will be telling all of my friends, family, and associates that it is the most important book I've ever read to help them exponentially increase their marital success, satisfaction, & sexual enjoyment! I'm just super impressed with everything about this book! Laura is doing such a great work for God by bringing forth this inspired book, which will bless millions and millions of marriages & families! God bless her for writing this beautiful masterpiece!