Last Laborer: Thoughts and Reflections of a Black Mormon

by Keith N. Hamilton

Last Laborer: Thoughts and Reflections of a Black Mormon

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"Fascinating and moving . . . full of insight, perspective and humor. It's a chance for Mormons to see themselves in a new light, and it's a chance for those not of the LDS faith to understand the journey of an intelligent, deeply religious man." — Dean Hughes

"Besides telling a fascinating story of his life and conversion, Hamilton illuminates what it means to be Black and Mormon. . . . This is a careful, thoughtful book." — Edward L. Kimball

"Last Laborer is a book which is not only a joy to read but a journey into Keith's extraordinary life. He weaves his own experiences through the book, and leaves the reader chuckling at some points, pondering at others, and inspired throughout. . . . This is more than a book; it is a blessing." — Margaret Young, President, Association for Mormon Letters

"On 1 June 1978, the heavens opened . . . and God gave a revelation . . . decreeing who could hold His Holy Priesthood. This was the great event of our day and generation. . . . Hamilton movingly tells how this affected him, and all of us. You should read this account." — Oscar W. McConkie, Sr.

"Keith is a storyteller, with an amazing and worthwhile story to tell . . . . As fun and poignant as is his story . . . his treatment of the issues associated with the LDS Church and its former restrictions against blacks is even more enjoyable and the best on the subject I have ever encountered." — Thurl Bailey (from book's Foreword)

Given its history regarding blacks, why would any African American even join the LDS Church? Yet Keith Hamilton, the grandson of a Southern Baptist minister, joined the Church in 1980, while a college student in North Carolina. He then became BYU's first black law-school graduate and one of the Church's first black bishops. In his thought-provoking and often humorous book, Last Laborer: Thoughts and Reflections of a Black Mormon, Hamilton explains how and why he joined the LDS Church. He also shares uncommon and well-researched insights on issues related to the historical "Mormons and Blacks" controversy, through perspectives centered on the Church's watershed 1978 revelation on priesthood.

Last Laborer is a compelling must read for all, especially the missionary-minded saint. If you ever have had questions about the LDS Church's historical relationship with blacks, have felt or feel uncomfortable sharing the gospel with others because of that history, or simply wonder what an African-American convert's experience in the Church may be like, this is the book for which you having been waiting. Last Laborer will challenge your traditional thoughts, stimulate your mind and inspire your soul.

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The most spiritually illunination book I have read on the analysis of the Declaration 2.
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

Keith Hamilton has written the most spiritually illuminating, profound and thought provoking analysis of the Declaration 2 of the Doctrine and Covenants on he LDS former restrictions against Blacks serving in the priesthood that I have ever read. Being Black and a Book of Mormon convert too, I found it enjoyable and spiritually enlightening. It should be read by every one.

Inspiring Reading
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

This book is a must read, it is inspiring and thought provoking and is for everyone, no matter what is going on in your life it will totally inspire you. You will love it.

A real eye-opener
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

As a Black American of African ancestry, a researcher and a non-Mormon; I found Keith N. Hamilton's "Last Laborer" a true tour de force and a real ground breaking lesson in explaining certain aspects of Mormon doctrine. For anyone remotely interested in the "why's and the why not's" of the LDS faith and its relationship in reference to Blacks holding the priesthood prior to the June 1978 Churches Revelation, must read this book. Mr. Hamilton definitely knows the bible! He's insightful, very intelligent, spiritual, honest, and at times quite humorous.
Congratulations for succeeding in taking such extraordinary steps in simply proving that, "God Is No Respecter of Persons." Amen!

Peace Be Still,
Los Angeles, California

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