Latter-day Warriors

by Brock Lance Richardson

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Discover the spiritual warrior in you! Based on the belief that every soul has a spiritual warrior within, author Brock Lance Richardson interviews ten men he met through BYU football. Each reveals what it takes to become physically and spiritually strong, while their wives describe what it means to be a “warrior” for young women. Perfect for youth and young adults, this entertaining and spiritually uplifting read will teach you how to build spiritual stamina and to use your inner warrior for good.

About the Author

Brock Lance Richardson

Brock Lance Richardson grew up as the oldest of seven children in Idaho Falls, Idaho. He served a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Montevideo, Uruguay. While serving his mission, his father passed away with complications related to Crohn’s disease. The desire to honor his father’s memory has continually driven Brock to search for the spiritual warrior within himself. Returning from the mission, he played football at Snow College and later at BYU.

He met his sweetheart Stephanie at Snow College and they married in 2009. They since have had two children: three-year-old daughter Kinlee and one-year-old son Kade. Brock adores his wife and children with all of his heart. He is currently a Seminary teacher and is part of a non-profit organization called “Marked Generation,” organizing events and seminars for children that have lost parents. He loves the youth and believes in the tremendous potential that they have.

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Thoroughly engaging and inspiring.
By , Submitted on 2015-12-24

I really am a fan of inspirational books about real people. It helps me face my own challenges and struggles when I read about other people facing their own and eventually coming off victorious. The analogy that Richardson makes here about the young people of the LDS Church being 'warriors' is an apt one. While most of them will not fight in a physical war (hopefully), we are all engaged in a very real spiritual war with Satan. And that is what this book is focused on. Using examples from the scriptures, Richardson approached ten former BYU football players to illustrate the points he wants to make. In each chapter an interview with comments is presented showing how real people can be real spiritual warriors. I can highly recommend this book to young adults who are struggling with their lives or think they don't have what it takes to be a warrior of any kind. This is also a great book for those who love BYU football like I do and find it fascinating to get a look into some of the people who've been a part of it.

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