The LDS Family Travel Guide: Sharon, Palmyra, and Kirtland

by Becky Cardon Smith

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For thousands of travelers, the LDS Family Travel Guides have become THE resource for planning successful Church history trips. If you want to save time, money and stress on your next visit to LDS historical sites, these indispensable guidebooks are the only resource you’ll need.

Some of the benefits of these user-friendly and regularly updated books include:

  • Detailed maps and local information for each site
  • Historical background and uncommonly known information on each site
  • Local attractions and things for both adults and kids to see and do
  • Information on where to stay/eat/shop near each site
  • Clear and concise information on the amount of time required for travel and visiting the sites
  • Dozens of discounts for food and lodging that will more than pay for the cost of the books in a single trip

  • An absolutely vital companion on your trip to the Sharon, Palmyra and Kirtland areas. Chapters include:

    • Successful Traveling
    • Church History Overview
    • Topsfield
    • Sharon
    • Tunbridge
    • Royalton
    • West Lebanon
    • Norwich
    • Whitingham
    • South Bainbridge & Colesville
    • Harmony
    • Fayette
    • Palmyra
    • Mendon
    • Niagara Falls
    • Kirtland
    • Hiram

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Becky Cardon Smith

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A very good book containing information of places to visit that we will now that we got this book.
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

This book is a necessity to get to have in your possession while visiting the area for it tells you of cities that we were unaware of till we read it and have marked them down inside the book to visit this summer. They consisted of Brigham Young's home in an area we were not aware of and it has an area to mark these areas down with maps of Joseph Smith's territories from home town of birth to Palmyra and Kirtland, Ohio and maps out the areas visited in chronilogical order to see how he was going vs what you'd think he'd do. It even shows Niagara Falls even though that's not part of his visits and maps out his long riding from one jail to another and the treatment received at each one solely.

I'd advise the purchase of the book for travelers before you go to have it in your possession to visit each place he went but in the order shorter than his since he went to the areas further than expected running from the enemies.

Gerald Baltezore

It was like having a travel agent with us!
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

This book exceeded my expectations! My husband and I were able to read it before traveling to New York and Ohio and it gave us the basic understanding of what we were about to learn at the wonderful historic sites. Since we were able to have all of the basic knowledge so fresh in our minds, the experience was much more meaningful and memorable. I expecially enjoyed the recommendations of the "must sees", the "nice to sees" and the optional sights if we had time to see them. Since our time was somewhat limited, we were able to narrow down our itinerary to the most important places that we wanted to visit. The book also included operating hours, which helped with the planning of our trip. The maps were very helpful and accurate. It also helped to have recommendations of restaurants and lodging. If you are going to visit Palmyra and Kirtland, along with the surrounding areas, I would highly recommend this book to assist you with your trip. It is much less expensive, but just as handy, as having a travel agent accompanying you through your journey!

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