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  • David Archuleta: Staying In Tune

    Twenty-year-old singing sensation David Archuleta has touched countless lives through the power of music. And by staying spiritually in tune, he hopes to continue to inspire others not only with his voice but with his personal example.

    —By Jamie Lawson

  • To Mormons, With Love

    Choosing to live in Utah as a non-Mormon is a decision I don’t regret. I experienced deep cultural shock moving to a place with such an all-consuming church lifestyle, but following years of adaptation, I have come to accept and embrace the unique and sometimes quirky culture of our Mormon community.

    —By Chrisy Ross

  • The Forgotten Carols: 20 Years in the Making

    Michael McLean was seated at his piano and had a thought: “What if I met the innkeeper who turned away Joseph and Mary?” And soon a new Christmas tradition was born.

    —By Kaela Worthen

  • What (and What Not) to Say to the Recently Divorced

    What should you say to someone who is recently divorced? Here are a few do’s and don’ts to help you navigate some emotional landmines while still offering your heartfelt support.

    —By Jessica Carter

  • Creative Neighbor Gift Ideas

    Make gift giving simple and affordable this season with these clever Christmas neighbor gift ideas.
    —By Alysha Cauffman

  • Destinations: Buenos Aires

    There is always something in this eternal city to feed your senses—especially your sense of adventure.
    —By Sunny Morton

  • Everyday Saints: Darius Gray

    As a journalist and civil rights activist during the 60s, Darius Gray helped facilitate social change in his own way. But perhaps his most important and enduring contribution has been his decades of service to Latter-day Saints of African descent.

  • The Doctor Is In: Chest Pain—When to Worry

    Many people equate a pain in the chest area as heart pain, but the causes are multiple and the associated symptoms varied.

  • LDS How-to: Write a Family History Worth Reading

  • Advice for Life: Sane Family Gatherings

  • Family Home Evening: A Lesson on Service

  • Home Entertainment: Books, DVDs, Music, and Family Gear

  • Home Cooking: Candy Making

  • Just Asking: Ken Jennings

    The biggest Jeopardy! winner of all-time talks trivia, family, and playing against a computer.

  • Life Is Too Short: The Holiday Have-to

    There is one activity I engage in that, on the surface, seems a counterintuitive choice for a woman with a purse full of lists to be acted upon. Yet somehow it has become the one nonnegotiable part of my Christmas preparations, my holiday have-to.

    —By Emily Watts

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