LDS Views on Early Christianity and Apocrypha

by Compilation, BYU Studies

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Product Description

This compilation of articles exploring topics related to early Christianity is selected from over fifty years of LDS scholarship published by BYU Studies. This volume features articles on the Apocalypse of Peter, the Apocalypse of Adam, the Gospel of Judas, the development of the doctrines of God and creation, early Christian prayer circles, Masada fragments and the Qumran scrolls, and much more.


"Rediscovering Ancient Christianity" by C. Wilfred Griggs

"The Dead Sea Scrolls: A Mormon Perspective" by S. Kent Brown

"The Apocalypse of Peter: Introduction and Translation" by S. Kent Brown and C. Wilfred Griggs

"The Apocalypse of Adam" by Stephen E. Robinson

"The 'Hymn of the Pearl': An Ancient Counterpart to 'O My Father'" by John W. Welch and James V. Garrison

"A Latter-day Saint Colloquium on the Gospel of Judas: A Note from the Editor"

"A Latter-day Saint Colloquium on the Gospel of Judas: Media and Message" by Richard N. Holzapfel

"The Manuscript of the Gospel of Judas" by S. Kent Brown

"The 'Unhistorical' Gospel of Judas" by Thomas A. Wayment

"The Gnostic Context of the Gospel of Judas" by Gaye Strathearn

"Judas in the New Testament, the Restoration, and the Gospel of Judas" by Frank F. Judd Jr.

"The Apocryphal Judas Revisited" by John W. Welch

"The Expanding Gospel" by Hugh W. Nibley

"Ex Nihilo: The Development of the Doctrines of God and Creation in Early Christianity" by Keith E. Norman

"Clothed Upon: A Unique Aspect of Christian Antiquity" by Blake T. Ostler

"The Early Christian Prayer Circle" by Hugh Nibley

"The Masada Fragments, the Qumran Scrolls, and the New Testament" by David Rolph Seely

"The Noncanonical Sayings of Jesus" by Stephen E. Robinson

"Understanding Christian Baptism through the Book of Mormon" by Noel B. Reynolds

"'With the Voice Together Shall They Sing'" by Laurence P. Hemming

"The Passing of the Church: Forty Variations on an Unpopular Theme" by Hugh Nibley

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