Lectures on Faith

by Joseph Smith, Jr.

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Did you know that the Lectures on Faith were published in the forepart of the Doctrine and Covenants in all editions from 1835 until 1921? Although the lectures are not currently published as part of the standard works, it is evident that they were held in high esteem by the Prophet Joseph Smith and those that followed him. President Joseph Fielding Smith said: “These lectures are of great value and should be studied. . . I consider them to be of extreme value in the study of the gospel of Jesus Christ,” Bruce R. McConkie has classified the lectures as “some of the best lesson material ever prepared on the Godhead; on the character, perfections, and attributes of God; on faith, miracles, and sacrifice. They can be studied with great profit by all scholars.”

The seven lectures in this collection deal with the following subjects:

  • What is faith?
  • What is the role of revelation in developing faith?
  • What are the attributes of God?
  • Why is it necessary to have a correct knowledge about God's attributes in order to exercise true faith?
  • What is the true nature of the Godhead and what is God's purpose for man?
  • What is the role of sacrifice in building the faith needed for eternal life?
  • What are the effects or results that flow from having true faith?

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Audiobook NarratorWilliam D. Griffith
Runtime4 hours 30 minutes

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Joseph Smith, Jr.

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Thiago Tavares, Brasil, RS
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

Em meu ver Lectures on Faith é a abordagem mais completa sobre o principio da fé. Eu o estudei enquanto estava no campo missionário e seu ensinamentos abriram os meus olhos para o exercício da fé! Leitura extremamente proveitosa!!

I never would have thought of this
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

I never would have figured this stuff out on my own. It gives you a lot of things to think about.

Truly Inspired.
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

This is truly a great book. There is some dispute to whether Joseph actually gave these talks or if it was someone else, but, they are definitely inspired writings.

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