Legacy of Love

by Lucile Johnson


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Product Description

In this thoughtful and inspiring book, beloved speaker and author Lucile Johnson shares intimate and heartwarming memories of her mother- and extraordinary woman whose unreserved love for her husband and children has been a shining example for Lucile and her own family. With warmth, wit, and insight, Lucile tells the stories, and dispenses the loving wisdom and counsel that will make you laugh, cry, and more deeply appreciate the astounding influence of women in today's world.

'Mother was one of the kindest, most loving, generous-natured, and nonjudgemental women on the planet,' Lucile writes. 'She was not perfect; but she loved her family perfectly, so in the end, little else mattered.'

Relating many of the experiences that help to shape her own character, Lucile creates an endearing portrait of the woman who, against all odds, entered her straight-haired, toothless seven-year-old daughter in a 'Better Baby Contest'; who shared Lucile's heartbreak over a cruel trick by her schoolmates, then taught her to learn from adversity; and whose loving advice on Lucile's wedding day set her on the path to happiness.

Legacy of Love captures the glory and majesty of motherhood and will be a welcome gift for any woman on any occasion.

About the Author

Lucile Johnson

Lucile Short Johnson has addressed thousands of people over the years--the majority of them women--and has touched their lives and hearts. She and her husband live in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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