Let Your Light Shine

by Meg Johnson

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Product Description

Let there be light!

Light in our eyes, light in our faces, light even in our teeth. . . . If we’re going to have light, then let’s have some light!

In this lively talk on CD, motivational speaker and author Meg Johnson shares how we — any and all of us — have the light of Christ. That light starts in our eyes and ends . . . absolutely nowhere, because there is no limit to how much we can shine when we do the simple things — things to light our candles of testimony for all the world to see!

In this uplifting and inspiring talk, Meg Johnson shares stories and insights from her life to show that one person really can make a difference and that all of us can truly be a light on a hill.

Unabridged audio book

About the Author

Meg Johnson

Meg Johnson has motivated tens of thousands of people across the globe with her motto: When life gets too hard to stand, just keep on rollin'! Meg broke her neck in 2004 and spent four months in the hospital recovering multiple injuries; she returned home without the use of her legs, back, stomach, or hands - a quadriplegic.

In the time since she was paralyzed, Meg has competed in the national Ms. Wheelchair America pageant in New York and founded and directs the Ms. Wheelchair Utah pageant.

Her speaking and writing inspire people of all abilities, and her newsletter, Meg's Monthly Message, is read around the world. She loves service and volunteers weekly at a hospital. Many of Meg's accomplishments have been seen in newspaper, magazine, and news broadcasts.

Her greatest joy is being a wife to her husband, Whit, and a mother to their beautiful daughter, Zula Mae.

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