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Clean Romance!
By , Submitted on 2019-04-12

A sweet clean ROMANCE!

Enjoyable book
By , Submitted on 2019-02-26

If you are looking for a light and enjoyable book, this is it. I laughed out loud in some places. I appreciated some new insights into Jane Austen and some of her characters. I love that family relations are highly prized in this book. If like a good clean romance I recommend this one!

Lied Jane Austen told me
By , Submitted on 2019-02-08

PLEASE get better narrators! The woman who narrates this book has the most irritating voice I’ve ever heard.

Super Cute Book!
By , Submitted on 2018-06-26

I loved that book! Yes, it was a little predictable (but aren't all love stories).
Not only does it have an great story but some profound treasures in it as well.
It teaches the vast importance that feeling truly does bring healing!
I loved it and hope my daughter will read it!

Doesn't quite live up to its cover
By , Submitted on 2018-06-19

Isn't the cover of this book fabulous? I admit, I bought the book based on the cover. I enjoyed it, but it wasn't quite as great as I'd expected. The story was s bit predictable, the Jane Austen link was a little tenuous, but it was great to see a really strong female character, and there were a couple of surprises. I felt it dragged a little in places, but overall it was pretty good.

By , Submitted on 2018-05-30

Such a fun read! I didn’t want it to end!

Loved it!
By , Submitted on 2018-05-22

Such a fun book! I loved the story line, and especially the growth of each character. I felt like they were very real and relatable. I found myself rooting for all of them in different ways.

By , Submitted on 2017-12-05

Lies Jane Austen Told Me is a cute book and a fun read. The meshing of the old and new images on the cover is a perfect fit for this story. I liked the characters and the depth the author gave them. Emma had to deal with feelings of inadequacy and betrayal both in her personal life and on the job. Lucas was a great leading man. Family meant the world to him, and his loyalty was impressive (even at the expense of his own happiness).

I read this very quickly, and I'm looking forward to reading it again. It has a sweet and happy ending.

Sweet Contemporary Romance for Jane Austen fans
By , Submitted on 2017-11-15

Who doesn't love Jane Austen? I am a huge fan of Austen and contemporary romance and this new book by Julie Wright manages to cover both of those points. Lies Jane Austen Told Me captured my attention and my heart. This sweet love story was so fun to read!

I love the voice that Wright infuses into her characters. Emma is witty, sometimes sarcastic, and has a love/hate relationship with Jane Austen. I like that she's vulnerable and has a depth to her that is meaningful to the story. Blake Hampton seemed like the perfect boyfriend, but I'm so glad that Emma has a chance to get to know his brother Lucas before she makes her final decision.

If you're looking for the perfect sweet contemporary romance--a clean read--then you'll want to pick up Lies Jane Austen Told Me by Julie Wright. The book is available in paperback and ebook wherever books are sold.

Lots of Love For This Book!
By , Submitted on 2017-11-14

This book! Where do I even start?

I'm a Jane Austen fan but perhaps not so big a fan as Emma is. That may be a gross understatement but I am enough of a fan to greatly appreciate the Austen references and all the quotes at the beginning of the chapters. I found great humor in Emma and her love/hate relationship with her Austen ideals. Especially when she throws her book in the garbage only to dig it out a bit later, feeling ever so guilty. Ha.

Yes, I had plenty of smiling, giggling moments with this book. It was amusing and entertaining. There were also plenty of moments of depth and challenge. The characters deal with real life issues and struggles. They are both weak and strong. It's a fantastic balance and felt very true to life. I loved the whole cast of characters and how everything changed, circled and evolved from beginning to end. Speaking of the ending, I LOVED it. It was like my heart let out such a big, happy and contented sigh. "Finally", it said.

This will probably go on the list for one of my favorite books this year. I really loved it.

Content: some references to drug abuse, clean

- I received a copy of this book from the publisher. All opinions expressed are my own.

I just want to read this one over and over!
By , Submitted on 2017-11-13

This book is so great! I love Jane Austen, and I love the way this book was written. Each and every chapter has a quote from a Jane Austen book that goes along with what happens in each chapter.

I love Emma in this book! I love that you see the story from her perspective and she is the ultimate Jane Austen fan, along with her best friend, or adopted sister, Silvia. Emma is usually watching a swoon worthy Jane Austen movie, or pulling out her well worn copy of Pride and Prejudice that she always has with her. But Emma eventually decides that love is not real and that Jane Austen has been telling the world lies about how things really are for hundreds of years, and everything bad that happens to Emma becomes all Jane's fault. I kind of love how real Jane Austen and her works were to Emma. Real enough that Emma was pretty furious with her. But I love the way Silvia eventually helps her to see that she's wrong about Jane.

This book opens with Emma surprising her boyfriend, Blake, at his family's home in San Diego. This scene is so funny, because he didn't plan on her coming and has already invited another woman over. Okay, it wasn't funny for Emma, especially since the people at her work have convinced her that he's planning to ask her to marry him. But it was comical how she meets Blake's brother Lucas.

And Lucas, he's amazing! He's a gentleman, and it's really comical when he shows up as a new co-worker for Emma. I love that scene! Emma mistakenly thinks something about Lucas that just isn't true, and that causes problems for the two later in the book. And Lucas has an aggravating habit of continually trying to get Blake and Emma back together, it's really annoying when it's so obvious that Emma is falling hard for Lucas.

This book is full of ups and downs, twists and turns that I never saw coming. It kept me wanting to read more and more. Even after I finished it, I loved it so much I just want to read it again...over and over, much like I have Jane Austen's books!

By , Submitted on 2017-11-07

I love Julie not only as a person but as an author. She has such a fun way of writing that wraps you up in the story. This book is no exception. And I loved how she pulled in Jane Austen and Emma had to "break up" with her. I think we so often look for things to be exactly a certain way because of something we've seen or read, that it was good to see how someone moved past it. I loved Emma and Lucas journey and then when another player entered the field . . . it left me struggling for who I wanted Emma to end up with. Both guys were fantastic for her. It is a great read from cover to cover. I would highly recommend it.

So much fun!
By , Submitted on 2017-11-06

Isn't that cover fun? I liked the concept from the start, but even more so by the time I finished the book. Great choice on the design.

And then...what an absolute joy to read! In fact, if I could give it six stars, I probably would. Not that it was life-changing or anything, but everything about it was so fun. First, the voice of the main character, Emma. She's an intelligent, caring person who tries so hard to see the best in everyone, but beyond that, I loved her spunky, snarky thoughts, yet at the same time, her insecure side she needs to work through. She's relatable.

All the characters are well crafted and interesting--not just carbon copies of Jane Austen characters. Which leads me to another aspect of the book I really liked. I appreciated that it wasn't a strict retelling of just one Jane Austen novel, but that it has bits and pieces of each. And I loved Caroline Hampton's speech about the impact Jane Austen has had on writing and women--love it so much that I dog-eared the page, and I'm not that kind of reader!!

So glad there are authors out there who write clean, fun stories like this!

By , Submitted on 2017-10-16

Again, Proper Romance hits it out of the ball park. This was an absolutely delightful read. I am in love with the cover.

While I was reading this I got a "While You Were Sleeping" feeling, which is wonderful, because that is my favorite movie of all time.

Let me start by saying that I love all things Proper Romance. They are such amazing, clean, entertaining and well written books. If you want to see more books in this series you can go here. I have read every single one of them and each one has been amazing. I mean, A MAY ZING! This book is no different.

Emma thought she was in love with Blake Hampton. A young, wealthy bachelor who chose her. Emma was getting more responsibilities at work, that she had worked very hard for. Blake invites Emma to his parents house for the weekend, but Emma doesn't feel like she can go. She tells Blake she won't make it, but her team encourages her to have their work meeting, and then drive out to meet Blake and surprise him.

Emma's team is convinced it is going to be a marriage proposal. When Emma showed up at the Hampton's Estate, it was she who got the surprise not Blake. It was then Emma realized she loved Blake more than he loved her.

While leaving the Hampton house Emma upset, and angry, she realizes she doesn't have a way to get back home. When she stomps down the driveway, a car pulls up and asks if he can help. When Emma realizes it's Blake's brother she doesn't want to have anything to do with him, but also realized she would never make it back home without his help.

Making it home, sad, disappointed, and hurt, Emma decides she is just going to focus all on work from now on.

Then she gets put in charge of finding new locations for her business and they bring on someone new to help out. Of course, you guessed it, Lucas Hampton. Emma was NOT happy about the new companion she would have to deal with while trying to get over her ex. Now she is expected to find new locations, and work with her exes brother.

A comedy of errors (okay maybe not comedic errors, but you'll get it) , and misunderstandings happen from that point on. Emma loving Jane Austen so much has decided she lied about how men were, and was going to give up on them and break up with Austen. Little by little she sees that her resolve is waining, and she is finding Lucas agreeable and easy to work with.

I don't want to say much more because I want you to go and read it for yourself. The writing is beautiful. I felt as though I was a fly on the wall whenever Emma was around. I love it when a book pulls me in that way. If you like Jane Austen, then you will love this book. Like I said at the beginning it gave me a "While You Were Sleeping" feel, and it was FAN FREAKING TASTIC!

I took this book in all in one day, because that is how much this book grabbed me. Forget dinners, kids, responsibilities, I mean who can deal with that kind of stuff when your in the throws of love, and hurt. hehehe. Okay, I wish I could say I was kidding about ignoring everyone and everything, but I am not. That his just how much I loved this book. Pick it up, you won't regret it!

Source: I was given this book as part of a blog tour, in return for an honest review. I was not compensated in any way for this review. These are my own PERSONAL thoughts on the book.