The Life Before

by Brent L. Top

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As we ponder the meaning of life, we experience yearnings to know the distant past, to obtain understanding of our spiritual roots and divine lineage, to link time with timelessness. Knowledge of the premortal existence becomes crucial in our search.

In the most positive sense, The Life Before is a journey backward. At the foundation of his exploration, author and teacher Brent L. Top explains why various cultures and religions believe in a life before this one. He cites biblical evidence of our premortal existence and points to revelations given to Joseph Smith and other latter-day prophets. Together, these resources build upon each other and work to take our understanding beyond the veil and into “timelessness.”

The Life Before first delves into such fascinating topics as our spiritual origins and capacities, premortal organization and harmony, agency, opposition, foreordination, the eternal nature of the priesthood, and the war in heaven — all elements that are “timeless.” The author's focus then shifts to a discussion of “time” — our earthly existence — and the reader learns what the “here and now” has to do with everything that happened “then.”

This well-researched, well-written book — possibly the most thorough treatment of this subject — presents a rich array of scriptures and other inspired words (more than most of us know about) plus a solid interpretive commentary that resists speculation while still illuminating the thrilling aspects of this fascinating topic. These exciting insights into our first estate will buoy you up spiritually, increase your knowledge and understanding of the life before, and motivate you to live worthy to return to the presence of our Eternal Father.

About the Author

Brent L. Top

Brent L. Top is dean of Religious Education and former chair of Church history and doctrine at BYU. Brother Top has written numerous books, including coauthoring LDS Beliefs: A Doctrinal Reference, and is a popular speaker at BYU Education Week. He served as mission president of the Illinois Peoria Mission and is currently serving as a stake president. Brent and his wife, Wendy, are the parents of four children and live in Pleasant Grove, Utah.

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