Life Lessons From Fathers of Faith: Inspiring True Stories About Latter-day Dads

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  • 5051427 fathers faith hardcover
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  • 5051427 fathers of faith

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What is your favorite childhood memory of your father? How has he influenced who you are today? What did your father teach you that has stayed with you?

Rich with unforgettable recollections, engaging anecdotes, and timeless wisdom, spending time with Fathers of Faith is like sitting down with a group of friends who have remarkable tales to share about their fathers — ordinary and extraordinary men who are remembered and cherished for some of their best moments. Woven within these compelling and eloquent reflections of fatherly advice, you'll find compassion, strength, honor, discipline, and occasional eccentricity.

Included at the back of the book are blank pages where you can add the inspiring stories from the fathers of faith in your life.

Book on CD narrated by: Dave Maller and Luone Ingram

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Big Bold Beautiful Book
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

I was drawn to this book because I was interested in reading about the First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve, plus LaVell Edwards, Doug Wright, Bruce R. McConkie and many other notables. (There are at least 100 stories, maybe more.) However, after I read the stories from those people that I was familiar with, I then started reading stories from some of the other "not-so-famous" fathers, and was pleasantly surprised to find so many amazing stories. One guy would willingly endure being a Japanese POW again, just to make sure the Book of Mormon was in his life. One guy never missed a month of home teaching in his entire adult life. Another guy nearly jumped off a battleship to go rescue his father who was being held as a Japanese POW. There are funny stories, poignant stories, inspiring stories and amazing stories. It's a handsomely designed book, and even has pages in the back of the book that you can write your own memory about your father. Too bad I bought this copy, as it would love to have my own kids write their own memories of our relationship as they grew up. Overall, an incredibly good book. I highly recommended it.

Perfect gift!
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

I fell in love with the diversity of dads profiled, the warmth of each story, and the fact that I could write about my own dad in the blank, lined pages at the back of the book. My friends that come over won't put the book down because there are so many interesting people and stories in here. A beautiful (and BIG) book that is a tremendous value.

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