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We all have stories to tell. And some of our most lifechanging experiences happen with our mothers, often during everyday moments. Life Lessons From Mothers of Faith will delight you with touching true stories that highlight the almost magical way faithful mothers teach powerful lessons. These inspirational tributes from the children of Mormon moms from all walks of life underscore the sacred bond between mother and child. This is family history in the richest sense of the word—simple yet influential tales that will have you laughing, crying, and thinking. Rich with unforgettable recollections, engaging anecdotes, and timeless wisdom, these are stories mothers can truly relate to, gain insight from, and feel honored by—unique tributes that remind latter-day moms that their children are actually paying attention.

Featuring Latter-day Saint sons’ and daughters’ recollections of their famous and not-so-famous mothers, this engaging celebration of unforgettable moments and immeasurable gifts will show any mother how it’s often the little things that make the biggest difference in a child’s life. Mothers of Faith contains more than seventy inspiring tributes, including stories from or about:

Julie B. Beck, Steve Young, Silvia H. Allred, Jim Matheson, Ann Romney, Ruth Hale, Jason Chaffetz, Janice Kapp Perry, Doug Wright, Liz Lemon Swindle, J. Willard Marriott, Jr., Harry Reid, Sharlene Wells Hawkes, Gary Herbert, Greg Olsen, Susan Easton Black, Jimmer Fredette, and dozens more.


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By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

This is not the type of book I would normally be drawn to. My husband gave it to me for Mother's Day and it's one of my all time favorite books ever. It's light hearted, down right hilarious and full of wisdom and insight that makes you realize we're all human and can learn from each other. I love this book. I have read and re-read it and purchased copies for my mom and sisters in law for Christmas.

Not what you think... it's better!
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

Because I thoroughly enjoyed “Life Lessons from Fathers of Faith,” I was eager to read this companion book dedicated to faithful mothers.

Although both books have a similar look and feel, there’s a discernible difference between the two. While “Fathers of Faith” offers wonderful insights into fatherhood, it was clearly intended for a male audience. Alternatively the contributors to “Mothers of Faith” are clearly skilled at sharing a depth of emotion that I found to be very welcoming and inviting. Collectively, the stories skillfully emphasize the unique blessings and challenges of being a Latter-Day mother. Best of all, it maintains a delicate balance between highlighting the challenges of being a faithful women, without crossing the line into the nauseating angelic accolades that discourage many mothers from attending church services on Mother’s Day!

Knowing that I enjoyed most every story from “Fathers of Faith,” I decided to start reading from the back of the book. It was a stroke of brilliance! The final story is called “Her Touch” by Twila Wood, an English and Drama teacher from Smithfield, Utah. Thankfully I was alone when I read it, as her story had me bawling like a school girl.

Twila’s mother Nellie was a talented singer and devoted to her eternal companion. Twila also writes about how much she cherished her mother’s tender touch. “I remember you, Mamma, the kisses goodnight, the morning backrubs, my head in your lap as your fingers stroke through my hair—your comforting hands.”
Twila then describes her mother’s nearly decade-long battle with dementia, and her deterioration into an intolerable child-like state that eventually took a terrible emotional toll on Twila and her family. After years of enduring her mother’s rude and insufferable behavior, God intervened to gave the two of them a brief lucid episode, where Twila and her mother shared a life-changing interaction.

This beautiful, inspiring story set the tone for the entire book, as each story had a unique or thought-provoking take on being a mother. With over 80 stories, all are well-written and inspiring, and most left me crying, laughing and often pondering my relationship with my own, dear mother.

Although the stories from many of the well-known people are well worth reading, I highly recommend the story by Mark Allred, the chief trial judge for the United States Air Force. He described his mother’s numerous struggles and challenges, and noted her “nobility lies in the war she wages with her own shortcomings.” I also recommend the stories by Steve Young, Janice Kapp Perry, Doug Wright, Susan Easton Black, Matthew Godfrey, Sandra Stallings Jenkins, Natalie Clemens, and Maren Rosemarie Slover.

I also recommend that if you intend to give this book as a gift, please turn to page 310 where several blank pages are provided for you to write about your own mother. Regardless of which side of the veil she is on, when you write about her in this book it will be a priceless gift she will never forget, or it will be a treasure for your own children who will cherish this lasting legacy you’ve written about your mother.

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