The Life and Teachings of the New Testament Apostles: From the Day of Pentecost to the Apocalypse

by Thomas A. Wayment, Richard Neitzel Holzapfel

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  • What impact did conversion to the gospel have for first century Gentiles?
  • How were the words of Jesus transmitted prior to the writing of the Gospels?
  • How do the epistles from Peter and John relate to those from Paul?
  • How can we know what messages the book of Revelation has for us today?
  • If you’ve wondered about such questions, you’ll value the answers in this book. A follow-up to the three-volume work The Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ, this book includes fourteen chapters by faithful Latter-day Saint scholars trained in various New Testament disciplines (ancient history, Greek and Latin, Roman civilization, geography). They share up-to- the-minute research on the ministry of these remarkable missionaries and leaders. The risen Lord commanded His disciples to take the message of His suffering, death, and resurrection to all the world. This book helps readers see how that commandment was fulfilled — and inspires in us a desire to be witnesses of the Savior in our day.

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    Introduction: A Distant and Foreign Land: Acts through Revelation
    Richard Neitzel Holzapfel and Thomas A. Wayment

  • From Jesus to the Written Gospels: The Oral Origins of the Gospel
    Thomas A. Wayment
  • The Church of the First Century
    Gaye Strathearn and Joshua M. Sears
  • Unto the Uttermost Part of the Eart
    Richard Neitzel Holzapfel and Thomas A. Wayment
  • The Impact of Gentile Conversions in the Greco-Roman World
    Eric D. Huntsman
  • The Roman World outside Judea
    Eric D. Huntsman
  • From Temple and Synagogue to House-Church
    Richard Neitzel Holzapfel
  • The Continuing Influence of the Family of Jesus in Early Christianity
    Thomas A. Wayment
  • The Epistle of James: Anti-Pauline Rhetoric or a New Emphasis?
    Brian M. Hauglid
  • James, First and Second Peter, and Jude: Epistle of Persecution
    John Gee
  • John's Later Ministry and His Banishment to Patmos: The Background to Revelation
    Richard D. Draper
  • Imperial Cult and the Beasts of Revelation
    Eric D. Huntsman and Cecilia M. Peek
  • The End of the Early Church
    Kent P. Jackson
  • Soma Sema: The Influence of "The Body Is a Tomb" in Early Christian Debates and the New Testament
    Gaye Strathearn
  • The Creeds and Councils
    Jennifer C. Lane
  • Conclusion: Profound Effects of the Second Half of the New Testament on the Gospel
    Richard Neitzel Holzapfel and Thomas A. Wayment
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