Light on Fire Island

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In 1921 Celena Jackson fled Fire Island with a heavy heart. Before her mother's tragic death she'd promised to care for her young brother, Joshua, and teach him the gospel. But her father, Matthew, a lighthouse keeper devastated by the loss of his wife, banished Celena for refusing to renounce her Mormon faith. Five years later, when Matthew suffers serious injuries and Joshua pleads for Celena's help, she returns to her childhood home with a painful tangle of emotions. Can she love and forgive the headstrong, embittered father who cast her out?

Celena's arrival catches the eyes of two approving gentlemen, as well as the suspicion of islanders who want control of the vacant lighthouse. Joshua convinces Celena to step forward as the new lighthouse keeper. When acts of vandalism begin to escalate, it's clear that someone on the island want her gone ‹ but who? More complexities arise as Celena makes a shocking discovery that turns her past inside out. Then the web of intrigue on the island turns deadly, with Celena at its very center.

Against a backdrop of ocean waves and rich sunsets, this novel of suspense, romance, and reconciliation explores hidden motives and surprising secrets, the power of promises kept, and the hope of light found in unexpected places.


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