Lighten Up and Laugh

by Kari J. Rich

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Product Description

Is your house cleaner before your kids help you clean it?

Do you clandestinely de-clutter and hide items in thrift-store-bound garbage bags?

Do you find the title "Fun Run" to be an oxymoron?

Does your overeager garden planning result in summers spent doorbell-ditching zucchini?

If any of these scenarios hits home for you, you're not alone. In this humorous collection of essays, readers are invited to find the comedy in the common and to look at life with a laugh.

Here's the unvarnished truth: there is no such thing as a perfect wife, perfect children, or a perfect household. So lighten up and learn to love the perfect craziness of family life! In Lighten Up and Laugh, cheeky humor columnist Kari J. Rich delights with a hilarious and heartwarming look at life on the mommy track.

About the Author

Kari J. Rich

As a community blogger for the Herald Journal news, frequent LDS media contributor, and author, Kari J. Rich enjoys exposing the hidden hilarity that lurked in everyday life. She is a mother of three, wife of Western artist Jason Rich, and resident of the outback of Cache Valley, Utah, with more animals than she ever wanted to take care of. Kari likes to read, bike, design, and quilt when she's not loading the dishwasher.

She graduated from Utah State University in English and design and worked in an advertising agency and as a freelancer in copywriting and design. She has written for radio and has done professional writing and concepting for numerous commercial companies. Follow more of Kari's writing at

Kari believes laughter is the best medicine, which is a good thing because she doesn't have very good health insurance.

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By , Submitted on 2015-03-18

After reading her first book, Heaven Help Us!
I immediately knew that I wanted read this NEW book by Kari J. Rich

Kari is REAL!
Kari is FUNNY!
Kari is a JOY!

Filled with 50 humorous stories this book will make you laugh out loud and smile to the end.
You will read true-life stories from Kari's viewpoint and learn how she finds the humor in the everyday activities.

LOVED. LOVED. LOVED. the story of her trying to make an omelette for her newly-wed husband.
And the Valentine Day Conversation is priceless!

Wait until you read how she got lost while snowshoeing with a friend...
Or how she purchased a purple phone for her husband and why...
And the things that were lost (and found) during a family vacation to Las Vegas.

The chapter on Baby Backflash is a GEM! -- SO SAD, yet SO FUNNY!
And if you think YOU have Buyer's Remorse you will LOVE the 19 steps Kari takes in buying an article of clothing.

Each story is WONDERFUL!

Take a break from your life and delve into Kari's life.
You will feel as if you have gained a new BFF.

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