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Lily of the Manor
By , Submitted on 2017-07-13

Although somewhat predictable, Lily of the Manor has enough twists to make it intriguing. It is a great historical romance with strong moral situations which is uplifting and captivating for the reader.
A young widow moves forward, after her husband's death, to bring hope and joy to a few, and offers charitable gifts to others. In doing so, she brings joy and solace to herself and true meaning in her own life.
I recommend this book to all, especially those grieving or seeking meaning in his or her own life. The gift of self is the greatest gift one can give.
The characters are very real and mostly endearing. The scenes are depicted in a manor easily visualized. The Title and Book Cover were chosen very well. The writing was done very well. The story had a smooth, steady flow. It was among one of Anita Stansfield's best stories.
This is a story of charitable service, love, unselfishness, forgiveness, grief, and unconditional love.
*This was gifted to me with no suggestion for a positive review. This is my honest review.
*I offer a Four and a Half Stars rating.

Tender and touching.
By , Submitted on 2017-07-06

Anita Stansfield has written a tender story about faith, love, and forgiveness. I found it easy to care for Frederick and Lily from the very beginning because both characters are genuinely good people. Lily is a widow using the money her husband left her to bless the lives of the eleven children she has adopted. Frederick is a former vicar turned teacher who thanks to his mother's efforts has a deep faith in God and compassion. As Frederick settles in as the teacher for the children, he finds himself falling in love with Lily and she with him. But things get complicated quickly when Lily discovers a child nearby in rather desperate straits and can't resist trying to help him. Frederick is worried about the risks Lily is taking to help the child. A life-threatening illness puts everything Frederick and Lily have built at risk. Will Frederick's and Lily's faith and love be enough to face the challenges in front of them, especially when some shocking revelations come to light? I found it impossible not to cheer for Frederick and Lily's efforts and sympathized with their struggles. Once again Stansfield has written a book to touch the heart.

Took a bit to get into the story, but enjoyable book!
By , Submitted on 2017-07-03

This book took me just a little bit to get into, but when I did, I didn't want to put it down.

I liked Frederick, he is unsure at first, if he's even going to get the job that he's applying for. But he forges on through the rain and it's really the start of a beautiful story. I loved the way he interacts with Lily's children throughout the story. I really liked the church scene where he gets the boys to sit through the meeting and endears himself to Lily.

I really liked Lily as well. I was kind of surprised by the way she would go to orphanages, say a prayer and bring home the child she felt impressed to bring home, thus enlarging her family of her own self to include 11 children who truly needed someone to care for them and who came to love her for her love for them.

I liked the plot of this one. I was never sure what was going to happen next, and I was really surprised by the way Frederick's story ties into one of Lily's children's story. I really wanted to know more about this part, maybe someday that will happen.

This is a cute book that I really enjoyed reading! Make sure to make time to read it yourself!