Live What I Know: Honoring the Values of Young Women (Songbook)

by Deseret Book Company

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This new values-themed songbook is bound to be a lasting favorite for LDS young women, their leaders, and their parents. Filled with original, fresh, and timeless songs from singers/songwriters like Hilary Weeks, Julie de Azevedo, Cherie Call, and more. Each of the eight original songs highlights one of the Young Women values. This music will inspire young women to live a more virtuous life and stand firm in the faith through everyday trials for generations to come.

Songs include:

  1. He Loves Me - Katherine Nelson
  2. I Find Faith - Hilary Weeks
  3. I Am Divine - Carmen Rasmusen Herbert
  4. My Story - Stephanie Mabey
  5. When I Learn - Katherine Nelson
  6. I Choose Him - Staci Peters
  7. Good Work for Me to Do - Cherie Call
  8. He Whispers Courage - Julie De Azevedo
  9. The Virtue of Gold - Jenessa Buttars
  10. Live What I Know - Tyler Castleton

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great songs---difficult to learn
By , Submitted on 2017-03-04

Now, first off---know that these songs are beautiful! They will bring joy and upliftment to LISTEN TO THEM---but NOT to learn them.

I know music. I can teach the Young Women to sing and I could very quickly learn the accompaniment to all of these piece. I'm very used to glancing through a song to see if it's good for my ward choir, and I can play all that I've come across so far with just a few days of work for the hardest ones. I don't say this to brag, but so that you understand my qualifications for this review.... These are beautiful songs, but I don't see how your average Young Women's group could possibly sing these accurately without a very trained leader and your very accomplished accompanist--plus more time than you should have to take. I've been in quite a few wards and I have a fairly good idea of the average accompanist. I can tell you that of all the wards I've lived in in my adult life (12), there are only two people I know that could sight-read the melody line of most of these pieces. (And those two people were piano music majors.) I don't believe of the dozen pianists in our ward that any of them could even LEARN to play the melody line perfectly. The melody's the tricky line. It took me a lot of focus and slowing down to figure some of it out. The timing is extremely difficult to get a group of teenagers to sing, let alone to find an accompanist who can play it with them. Seriously, the amount of syncopation in nearly every measure is beyond normal. And I can tell you that we have a lot of above-average accompanists in our ward, but I'm probably the only one that could pull this off and that's not an option because I would have to lead it.. What are we supposed to do? It's too bad that there's not something NEW written with the average Young Women's group in mind. Maybe Sally deFord has something....

Now, on the other hand---if you want something to inspire your Your Woman(en) with music TO LISTEN TO, then buy the CD. The music alone would bring a lot of comfort and upliftment. (Just don't expect to accurately duplicate it with your Young Women and the church piano.)

Great for Teenagers who are struggling with everyday battles!!!!!
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

This CD has helped me realize that I am not alone and that there is a better road ahead of me..... This CD always cheers me up when I feel like a nobody..... These are songs that every girl needs to have............

-- Written by a 13 year old girl! :)

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