Living in the Last Days

by Robert L. Millet

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“It has surprised me how extensively the prophets have spoken of life on the millennial earth and of the grand events that will unfold when Satan no longer has power over the hearts of our Heavenly Father’s children. God and his anointed servants have spoken in remarkable detail of this transcendent and delightful time." -Robert L. Millet

The scriptures teach us that the Second Coming of the Lord will be "at midnight" (Matthew 25:6), and "the great and dreadful day of the Lord is near, even at the doors” (D&C 110:16). In these companion volumes Robert Millet points our minds and hearts toward the future—to the fulfillment of the signs of the times and the great and glorious day that lies ahead. His uplifting and eloquent message inspires us how to prepare and live each day with faith, rather than fear, and builds our trust that the Savior's second coming and Millennial reign will be an anticipated and transcendent event. Come bask in the light of revelation as you expand your knowledge of these sacred events.

About the Author

Robert L. Millet

Robert L. Millet, former dean of Religious Education at Brigham Young University, is a professor emeritus of ancient scripture. After receiving bachelor's and master's degrees from BYU in psychology, he earned a PhD from Florida State University in religious studies. Brother Millet is a beloved speaker and the author of numerous books. He and his wife, Shauna, are the parents of six children.

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