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Loved it
By , Submitted on 2019-09-17

I loved the insights and stories to go with. I loved the new views on the parables and getting to know background that I didn't know!

Perfect study companion for this year since we are focusing on the NT!
By , Submitted on 2019-07-24

I am so glad I found this audio book to compliment my study of the New Testament! The author gives excellent insights about the parables and the New Testament. I would wholeheartedly recommend this book to everyone! It is a great resource and companion to the Come Follow Me study guide from the church.

Just what I needed
By , Submitted on 2019-07-14

Perfect. It is so well thought out. I will listen to it over and over and likely go get a hard copy for my shelf.

By , Submitted on 2019-06-02

Hank Smith and Kathryn Jenkins knock it out of the park with this book!! It is an amazing companion to the Come Follow Me for home study. The way the parables are broken down, not only help you understand the history of the time Jesus was on the earth, but also helps you see how the Parable pertains to us in our day. I have used this book with so many of my Sunday school lessons and our home study! You won’t regret buying this book!

Great for Discussion
By , Submitted on 2019-05-31

I love listening to Hank Smith teach in person; he's so inspiring and has great insight and humor. I wondered what the experience would be reading one of his books. I was not disappointed. I could hear his voice in his humor, but more than that, I could feel the Spirit teaching me through him. It is apparent he's done a lot of research, and yet he makes the information accessible and interesting. I loved learning the background on the authors of each of the Gospels, and after reading a couple of the parables, I just had to go share what I learned with my husband. The fact that this sparked our conversation makes it worth it. I look forward to using it as a companion with the Bible as my husband and I focus on learning about the Savior this year.

By , Submitted on 2019-05-30

I found this book to be a rich resource that deepened my understanding and study of the New Testament and strengthened my testimony of Jesus Christ. I was fortunate to hear Hank Smith speak at a conference in Southern California last year, and I was impressed by his down-to-earth personality, charming humor, and message of positivity, strength and empowerment through the gospel. When I saw this book I knew that it would be one with a narrative that would hold my interest and I was not disappointed! It is easy to read and quickly made me feel the importance of the Bible in our lives and the messages Christ has for us. I appreciated the bit of history that was shared in the beginning of the book about each of the Gospels themselves, and also the chapter that explains what parables are, why Christ used them, and how to interpret and apply the parables. Following are five sections that share the parables by theme, each with their own chapter. I haven't completed the entire book yet because I find myself captivated and not wanting to rush through it! I'm loving the insights, the questions, the references from prophets, apostles, and scholars, and the encouragement from the author to use the lessons learned. Highly recommend!!!

(I received a complimentary copy of the book; all opinions in this review are my own)

Goes Perfectly with what I'm reading in Come Follow Me
By , Submitted on 2019-05-30

I found the Living the Parables to be such a timely read as it went along with my study of the New Testament. It is definitely a book to keep on hand and to refer back to. I appreciated the side explanations about things like why foot washing was so important in Jesus' day and the information about the writers of the Four Gospels. There were some jokes and humor (which I think Hank Smith is known for) that at times was a bit much for me, but on the whole I enjoyed the presentation. I liked the inclusion of historical and modern tidbits, along with quotes from prophets and apostles that helped me understand the why of many of the parables.

Love the way this author writes!
By , Submitted on 2019-05-27

It’s so easy to see why Hank Smith is a popular speaker for youth. The way he writes this book is refreshing. It’s interesting and there are little jokes throughout it.

I love the way Hank Smith took each of Christ’s parables from the New Testament and explained them. We’ve been reading these as a family this year as well as in Sunday School as part of the new Come Follow Me curriculum. And some of them are so confusing! Reading the author’s explanations helped them make sense and almost jump off the pages for me. I almost felt like I needed to have my scriptures open and add notes about what some of the things could mean.

I also loved the introductory materials in this one. The author makes sure the reader knows who each of the Gospel writers were, who their audience for their book was and a little about them. It just helped me put their books more into context.

I know I’ll be using this book the next time we read the New Testament! And maybe even sooner when someone asks a question about a confusing parable.