Living Your Covenants Every Day

by Jennifer Brinkerhoff Platt

Living Your Covenants Every Day

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The little things we do on a daily basis don’t just matter—they can make all the difference. Intentional daily acts focused on covenant-keeping will bind us to the Savior as we are deliberate and determined to follow Him in small and simple ways.

Drawing upon the teachings and lives of ancient and modern prophets, author Jennifer Brinkerhoff Platt identifies patterns of truth that encourage increased commitment to covenant relationships while diminishing the binding grip of the adversary. Included are chapters on the need to be consistent in covenant- keeping, on recognizing Satan’s tactics and lies, on undoing self-destructive routines, on the role of the Spirit to help us both feel and follow promptings, and on the power of daily scripture study and prayer in establishing habits that reinforce and sup- port our commitment to the Savior.

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Fantastic Book
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

Platt's book "Living Your Covenants Everyday" is a fantastic book and so
easy to read and understand. I haven't read all of it yet but reading it
wants me to continue reading and learning more how to live each day. She
has some excellent quotes to live by and I plan on typing them up and
putting them someplace to remind me how to keep covenants each day.

I hope Sister Platt will write more of her beliefs and life story, which I
know she has some very interesting things to put into a book about her life.
She is an incredible gifted person.

Full of great advice.
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

A powerful book focused on helping the LDS reader (members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints) focus on keeping the covenants (two-way promises) made with the Lord. Platt writes beautifully of some of the things she has learned on her life's journey especially regarding the importance of covenants and our daily efforts to keep those covenants. She provides wise counsel on ways to put these promises and Christ more fully into our daily lives by living with greater intent. Not necessarily changing everything we do, although bad habits do need to change, but finding ways to look at the ordinary things through a more Christ-focused lens. A great book full of great advice and thoughts on living life to the fullest by living our covenant more completely. Highly recommended.

Great Book!
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

At times we can get so caught up in our busy lives that we can forget how important small things can be. In this book, we are reminded about how the little things in our lives can make a huge difference. As we work to better focus our days and our lives, we can grow closer to the Savior and strengthen ourselves against Satan's attacks. By truly trying to live the covenants we have made, we can make big changes in our lives that will make a difference both now and in the future.

This book gives very practical advice, and I feel like the advice is something that everyone can incorporate. Sometimes you read things and think, "That's a great idea, but I'm not sure how to practically apply that to my life." This book manages to give ideas for things that we should already (or may already) be doing, but it gives a different way to approach these things. All those simple things like reading the scriptures and praying can still be improved in simple ways. I thought the ideas presented were insightful, and I really look forward to trying them in my own life.

I particularly enjoyed the end of the chapters. There were homework assignments to help you put the ideas into use and really think about how you stand on a lot of things. There was also further reading. These were talks and books that applied to the subjects of each chapter. I am really looking forward to reading these as well as I think they will be another source of inspiration in my life. The author had an approachable writing style that really helped make you feel as if she understood you individually. I also think that her story of being single for longer than expected was very moving. I know a lot of women in particular who find themselves in this situation, and I think that this book could do a great job of helping them see that they are not alone in their desires and disappointments. Overall I found this to be a great book with some awesome ideas that I'm sure will help out my life!

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About the Author

Jennifer Brinkerhoff Platt

Jennifer Brinkerhoff Platt is currently an assistant visiting faculty member at Brigham Young University and a recent addition to Deseret Book’s Time Out for Women events. A former seminary and institute instructor, she earned a PhD from Arizona State University in lifespan developmental psychology, focusing on women and social issues. She is married to Jed Platt, and the couple lives in Provo, Utah.

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