Lost American Antiquities

by S. Edgar Smoot


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Author S. Edgar Smoot, executive producer of the critically acclaimed documentary, Lost Civilizations of North America, shares revealing research into America's ancient civilizations and how history has been handed down to our day.

The book chronicles how our own archaeological history was silenced by some powerful forces in the scientific and political communities. The book discusses the people, motives and methods behind the destruction of some of the greatest archaeological treasures of all time.

Why were entire mound cities of immeasurable worth all evincing signs of incredibly advanced technology and wisdom of the ancients allowed (and in some cases) ordered to be bulldozed?

Learn about the devastating results that cover-up has led to and how it impacts the lives of millions of people all over the world (not just in the United States).

Learn the real story about how and why the sciences were handed to us in the way they were . . . this is history like you have never read it before.

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S. Edgar Smoot

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