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Not Anita's best work!
By , Submitted on 2019-08-25

I had to keep skipping over repetitive dialogue - over and over again.

Predicable and anticlimactic.
By , Submitted on 2019-04-27

I love a good cheesy proper romance and am usually not one to criticize them but his was really hard for me! The characters and plot were too predictable, their dialogue very unrealistic. There was really no romantic tension or story, and the climax of the book was very anticlimactic.

I will also say this narrator is my very least favorite. I’ve listened to 100’s of books and she drives me crazy- for many reasons. I also have been very disappointed with Deseret books choice of narrators in general for these proper romances. They take place in foreign countries where the accents just cannot be done well
By whom they have chosen (including the narrator of this book.) here narrators who can really do the actual accents! PLEASE!

Love and Loss at Whitmore Manor
By , Submitted on 2019-04-04

I love Anita Stansfield but she always uses the same narrator. She is not my favorite but in this book I couldn't even make myself finish. I would love to see some variety of narrators in Anita's books.

VERY predictable!
By , Submitted on 2018-03-09

I tried really hard to finish this book but I just couldn't.

Surprise on every page.
By , Submitted on 2018-03-04

What a great book. Such great plot. The author has such a great talent at character development that you can feel every emotion and picture every single character in her books.

Not only a great plot with great characters and many twists and turns but a book that promotes good values as well.

Great characters and foreshadowing in this book!
By , Submitted on 2017-11-24

I really liked the characters in this book! There's Tristan, who as the book opens is fighting in America against the colonists. Olivia, the cousin of Tristan's deceased wife. Tristan's father, Walter. And many other servants, and friends who live at Whitmore Manor.

I liked the foreshadowing at the beginning of the book with Olivia. You can tell she has some anxiety about Tristan coming back from America, but it doesn't become clear as to why for quite a while. I was quite curious as to why she wasn't thrilled about him coming home, and that helped me want to keep reading. I liked the way Olivia was so willing to forgive for past ills and move on in a happy direction.

I liked the way Tristan was also able to forgive. His wife, Muriel had done some things that she shouldn't have before her death, but he was able to move past that. I liked also that he was able to be honest with himself and with Olivia as to how he was feeling. Sometimes I felt like the characters were a bit "clinical" there wasn't a whole lot of feeling behind where they were coming from. But it didn't limit how much I liked the book.

The plot of this one is really good. I liked the flow of the whole book. There was danger and intrigue. Treason and love. This book has tons going for it. I really enjoyed it!

Obstacle course of the heart
By , Submitted on 2017-11-20

This author really puts her characters through an obstacle course of the heart. In this one, Tristan Whitmore has been a soldier for three years fighting against the colonists in America. When he is wounded, he makes a friend of the doctor and apprentices to him during the remainder of his convalescence once he’s up and about. He doesn’t want to return home. He left his house in disorder. An unhappy marriage. A disappointed father. And other troubles he does not care to think about. But when his doctor friend urges him to return home and put his house in order, Tristan decides to do his best. He has grown up in the three years he has been away, and is a better man. Meanwhile, back at Whitmore Manor, Olivia prays for Tristan’s return for his father’s sake, but dreads his return herself. When he married her vain, selfish cousin, he shattered her heart. But horrid circumstances have left her destitute and put her at his mercy.

The twists and turns in this story takes the reader through soul-tugging waters. Tristan and Olivia must reunite, but they have many wounds and deep distrust to overcome. This book can be long, and the author’s writing style has much more thought provoking questions and soul-searching than most books that use dialogue or scene to push the characters along. But the characters grow a lot, and endure much, and come out triumphant in the end, like a good romance should. It’s hard not to want to finish one of Stansfield’s books once you start because you can’t figure out how the characters will overcome their challenges. And when you think they’ve finally done it, something else arises to keep you turning the pages.

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