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By , Submitted on 2019-01-12

This is the first book I've read by this author and I feel like I've been missing out all these years! This was a fabulous book!! I couldn't put it down and read it from start to finish, staying up half the night to do so!! So cute and funny. Great plot! You will not be disappointed. Cant wait to read the rest of her books!

Beautiful Harmony that came together perfectly for me!
By , Submitted on 2016-06-05

This was a perfect read for me! The setting with the two musicians, their love of music, and their great chemistry. Emma was a great character. For me, her commitment to her family, her love and deep commitment to her music, her collection of friends, her sincere care and concern for those close to her was an honest, heartfelt, lovely novel with lots of self-awareness learned over the course of the novel and her relationship with Elliot. The secondary characters, her friends, and family made for great side development and insight into who Emma was, and Elliot as he interacted with them. Her moments with Elliott were lovely, fraught with her initial 'like' to their sweet, deep chemistry, and also their poetic/musical and honest moments.
Loved the ending, it was so fitting that Emma had her moment come to her in so many ways.
I think I absolutely fell in love with all the musical moments, their speaking with music, and the way that music brought spoke to each of them so deeply and bound them together.
I received a copy from NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review.

Jenny's best yet!
By , Submitted on 2016-05-14

I love everything about this book from the perfect title through to the dynamic characters, the plot is unpredictable & you will be pulled in from the very first page. I really appreciate a writer that can capture your attention like that. There's an abundance of characters, but it's never overwhelming or confusing, each one adding a dimension to this fabulous story, complimenting Emma & Elliot, such a vast array of personalities and background. You feel like you are getting a very real slice of life for a couple of LDS in their mid 20's living in North Carolina, not your typical 'Utah' young single adult tale.. Emma & Elliot have been blessed with amazing musical talent, and having to live in today's world of fame, demands from the business, colleagues. The dilemmas presented. I loved that Elliot had depth to his 'celebrity' character, despite this story being written as Emma in the first person, you feel so deeply for him, his genuine nature - the conflicts of his life. I enjoyed the aspects of Emma's personal life, from the best friend/roommate to her family, she has come home to be near - her Mom suffering with MS. There were many 'awww' moments while reading, what amounts to overall a very very well written story. My new favorite from Jenny Proctor, who has totally outdone herself. I enjoyed her first 2 books, this one is outstanding!! Maybe it's a shared love of music with the characters, or just that deep down wonder of meeting and connecting with someone of celebrity status, the untouchable fantasy that becomes the reality. I appreciated that Emma seemingly is the one with the doubts and struggles, the expectations were the other way round. This was enlightening and added to the story. Jenny, thank you for writing this as a full novel, and not the planned short story! It's a new favorite!

Thanks to Netgalley & Covenant Communications for the ARC, and here is my honest review.

Loved it!
By , Submitted on 2016-03-17

I can honestly say that I really loved this book! I enjoyed the characters, especially Emma and Elliott. I loved the musical aspects of the book. In fact, as I read I wished I could actually hear the music being discussed and played by the characters. It was interesting to 'observe' Emma and Elliott's relationship develop from the first disastrous meeting to the satisfying last note. Like all relationships, Emma and Elliott's has some real ups and downs. Emma's awkwardness at talking to him gradually makes way for a sweet romance. But things take a turn for the worse when Elliott's fame puts Emma in a place she really doesn't want to be and she has to decide what it is she really wants. And that choice leads her down a path she might never have gone otherwise. The secondary characters are fun as well, including Lilly (Emma's roommate) and her boyfriend Travis, Emma's family (parents and sister, Ava), even an ex-boyfriend all play important roles in Emma and Elliott's lives. I found this book to be a thoroughly enjoyable romance with great characters, interesting themes, and great music. I just wish there was a soundtrack to go with it. ;)

Emotional Perfection
By , Submitted on 2016-03-16

I couldn't help being a total fan-girl over this book! I love music and always have. I played the violin for years, although not to this degree, but I could relate to a small measure, the passion and dedication it takes to make beautiful music.

Emma is extremely talented and she doesn't just feel the music, but it becomes a part of her heart and soul. She's not eloquent and often sticks her foot in her mouth, but when it comes to music, she's a completely different woman. Her violin is such a part of her and I enjoyed every piece of her and her talent.

Elliott is a piano prodigy and when his YouTube career is on the line, he moves to a small town to regroup and focus, but how can he, with a dueling violinist right next door? He's a very conflicted character--one who evoked a lot of emotion from me. I absolutely adored him one minute and was beyond frustrated with him the next, but underneath his inner struggles, he's the sweetest, most passionate, and almost perfect guy.

I loved the setting, the characters, the realistic struggles, the music battles, the process of composition, and the growth--on so many different levels and between so many different characters. These people felt real to me! This story has stayed with me for several days, just simmering in my mind. The ending. Oh, that ending had me in literal tears! What perfection! I laughed; I cried; I might have even blushed a little from embarrassing comments and situations. *sigh*

Content: religious elements, specific to the LDS church, but not preachy; no language; mild, swoony romance (kissing); no violence; references to being drunk. Clean!

*I received a copy through Covenant Communications in exchange for an honest review*

By , Submitted on 2016-03-16

This was a very fun read, especially being a musician myself. I enjoyed the characters and the music that was talked about. It's an up paced story that falls into place like the pieces Elliot composes. There were a couple of places that described things in the music world that weren't quite accurate, but no one other than someone who's involved in that world would notice. It's a fantastic read that anyone would loved. I highly recommend it.

Musical Romance
By , Submitted on 2016-03-16

This cute romance pairs two musicians. Emma is an accomplished violinist. When Elliott, a YouTube piano sensation, moves next door, she is eager to meet him. But when he accuses her of being a stalker, tempers ignite. Thus are the beginnings of an amazing romance just waiting to bloom, right? This really was a fun book, especially if you love music. The romantic tension is great; the characters are adorable. It’s just plain awesome.

By , Submitted on 2016-03-16

Sometimes when I read a book I think of a phrase that describes the book. In this case it is "very cute". (OK, it was actually "stinkin' cute", but this book doesn't stink.) I have to admit that the first thing that drew me to the book was the cover. It has a prominent violin. I love the violin.

The book begins on a sour note (pun intended). Emma is awkward when it comes to meeting new people and her first meeting with Elliott left me chuckling. I knew from that moment that I was going to like this book. Awkwardness and music... definitely a winner for me.

Both Emma and Elliott are talented musicians. With musical talent comes pride (at least in my experience, and the reason I walked away from music.) It takes character to realize that you are wrong. A lesson that is pointed out to both characters. You can't help but like Emma from the beginning, and it takes a little longer to warm up to Elliott.

This book is a contemporary LDS romance. It's clean and fun.

Read this amazing romance!
By , Submitted on 2016-03-14

Oh. My. Goodness! I love a good romance and this one is just amazing! I love the way Jenny Proctor included music in almost every bit of this book. The whole plot line is awesome and the ending is just amazing!

I love Emma. I had to laugh at the beginning when she first met Elliot. I loved the way that she couldn't even talk to him. And what made it even funnier was all of the assumptions that he had made about her that were revealed later. I loved the way that Emma was forced to learn some things about herself and her motives and the way that she was able to grow and change because of that. And I loved all of the care she went to at the end for Elliot. It was kind of fun in this book that the only point of view we see is Emma's. It might be a little one sided, but that's how we see our every day life.

What to say about Elliot??? I have to admit that he wasn't one of my favorite characters at the beginning. But I loved the way he changed once he realized that his initial impression of Emma was completely wrong. I loved that he was honest with her from the very beginning about his motives for being in Asheville and the way he saw their relationship going. I loved the way he was a gentleman. The scene at the beer festival with the Stud t-shirt guy was probably one of my favorites! (Go read it, I'm not saying any more about it!)

I loved how I felt transported to Asheville with every word I read, I think I seriously need a trip there. This book is amazing! Go read it, end of story!

I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Very entertaining
By , Submitted on 2016-03-13

Love at First Note is a clean, sweet, and fast read. I was annoyed that I had to take a break from reading to sleep and go to work. 😉 It is a little different from many in the genre in that the relationship really went through a lot before it worked out. But that is definitely a compliment to the book-it helps connect the reader emotionally and makes the story more realistic.

I really liked the characters. Emma was so awkward at times it was hilarious. And although the reader isn't given a great first impression of Elliott, his attitude is understandable and he and Emma both have so much goodness in them that is shown many times throughout the story. The secondary characters (Lilly and her boyfriend Trav) were also a fun addition.

I'm not very musically inclined but I really enjoyed the musical aspects of the story. The talent the main characters had and their hard work to get far in the music world was very interesting.

This is well written and I would definitely read more by this author.