The Madera Murder

by Deanne Blackhurst

Madera murder

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Spending an entire summer in the company of her estranged father is the last thing Ashley Delgado is interested in. But what self-respecting twenty-one-year-old can resist the promise of a vacation in Mexico? She should have known it was too good to be true. Her dreams of exotic adventure come crashing down when she and her father arrive at their destination: the Madera Hacienda. Once a proud symbol of wealth and success, the ramshackle estate is falling apart, and the Madera family has hired Ashley's lawyer father to help save the family home. A dusty, derelict ranch is not the vacation destination she had in mind — but Ashley can't deny a thrilling shiver of premonition. When she hears rumors of a tragic eighteenth-century death and a long-hidden treasure, Ashley joins a group of American archaeological students in the centuries-long search for the mysterious trove. But as shocking clues lead Ashley closer to the hidden riches, it becomes clear that someone is willing to kill to keep the secret of the treasure — and the next tragic death may well be her own . . .

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Deanne Blackhurst

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By , Submitted on 2016-01-25

I listened to this book in my van while driving kids around. I am finding that kids, and all that I have going on it is far easier to buy a book on CD and put it in my car or audio book and listen to it in the car. I can listen while driving, working in my home, etc. I just don't have the time to sit and read like I would like to. Hence the hiatus in December and most of January. I am slowing way down this year, so that I can read more of my own books :). Anywho, back to the book.....heheh

I found the beginning of this book to be a little slow. I liked the location of the book and the idea of a haunted hacienda. I just wish it would have grabbed me a little faster than it did. If I had been reading it I would have quit, but I give it more of a chance when listening. I am glad I continued to listen though. I picked up and, by then I was invested and had to see where the book was going to take me.

Ashley spends some time in Mexico with her estranged father....who I really, really did not like. She finds this family they are staying with to be very interesting, and hears about the legend that goes along with the hacienda.

As we learn more about the legend things begin to happen. Stuff goes missing, and then there is a murder. Everyone is on edge, people are not who them seem to be.

Although the beginning was slow, it did pick and up and I enjoyed listening to this book.
This book was clean, and exciting. I like reading books that can keep my attention without so much language.

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