Making Sense of Isaiah: Insights and Modern Applications

by Nathan Winn, Terry B. Ball

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Isaiah’s writings have been described as the “Brussels sprouts of the scriptures.” We know they’re good for us — the Savior commanded us to “search” them “diligently” — but some of us read them reluctantly, hurriedly . . . or not at all. Perhaps we’re overwhelmed by the complexity of the writing, frightened by its style, or confused by its ancient context and language. More than any other book, this simple volume makes Isaiah understandable, applicable, and teachable. It provides a brief overview of each chapter to help readers understand the context and content of the writings, then presents an example of one latter-day application or fulfillment for each chapter. This approachable book will enable readers to actually enjoy studying this remarkable prophet’s writings and help them to ponder other applications and fulfillments in our day.

About the Authors

Nathan Winn

Nathan Winn is an ardent student of Isaiah and a former research assistant for Professor Ball. Nathan has spent countless hours searching Isaiah for insights to help modern students understand and apply the prophet’s writings. He received an undergraduate degree from Brigham Young University and a masters degree in Public Administration from James Madison University. He and his wife, McKenzie, have one daughter. He is currently a hospital administrator residing in Richmond, Virginia.

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Terry B. Ball

Terry Ball is a professor of ancient scripture and the dean of Religious Education at Brigham Young University. Brother Ball is a widely-recognized expert on the writings of Isaiah. He has taught and traveled extensively in the Holy Land, including teaching at the BYU Jerusalem Center. He holds three degrees from BYU, including a PhD in Archaeobotany. He and his wife, DeAnna, have six children.

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This book is a wonderful study guide and teaching resource
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

I very much enjoyed Bro. Winn's and Bro. Ball's book on Isaiah. I found each chapter to be informative and also very accessible. This book really gives a great lesson plan for each chapter of Isaiah by explaining the context of the chapter, pointing out individual scriptures and then providing insights into modern day application. This book is a great tool for anyone teaching Old Testament courses or giving lessons on Isaiah. I would also highly recommend it for any individual who hopes to receive a firmer grasp of this book of scripture. It truly gave me a lot of insights and has made me more excited to continue to study this wonderful book.

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