The Mark of a Giant

by Ted Stewart

The Mark of a Giant
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Throughout the course of history, civilization has been blessed by strong-minded men and women who have impacted our world in extraordinary ways. Their imprint upon humanity is beyond dispute. And many would contend that they were no less than the result of Divine Providence—a gift of God to the human race. Who are these individuals? What is it about these few that make them different? Were they merely in the right place at the right time? Or were they somehow chosen? The Mark of a Giant examines the lives and contributions of seven men and women who changed the world: Abraham of Ur, Pericles, the Apostle Paul, Sir Isaac Newton, Marie Curie, Martin Luther King Jr., and Mother Teresa.

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By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

Stewart's book The Mark of Giant focuses on an interesting selection of characters and their impact on world history. Narrowing it down to seven will naturally leave room for disagreement regarding the selection, but Stewart does a credible job of delivering a concise and interesting read that inspires as well as teaches. I would esp recommend this book to teachers and home schoolers.

A great read!
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

In this book Ted Steward takes the lives of 7 people: Father Abraham, Pericles, the Apostle Paul, Sir Isaac Newton, Marie Curie, Martin Luther King Jr., and Mother Teresa. These strong minded men and women are the ones Stewart refers to "giants" people who have made contributions to society that left it altered in some way. He takes a close look at each person and demonstrated how they changed the course of history. Of course the list is way too short, it is nearly impossible to just narrow down just 7 people but this list is inspiring. Stewart examines the character traits that each shares that marked them as giants by showing how human history was changed by their actions. He first tells you what the world was like when that person was born then shares how the world was changed because he or she was in it. His hope is that by sharing these stories others will be inspired to "make their mark upon the world."

By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

If you had to name just 7 people to represent the giants among men, who would you choose?

I am SO IMPRESSED with Ted Stewart's choices!

And his explanations for WHY he chose these 7 are so enlightening!

I have never thought about not only the world-wide, but also, time-wide differences these 7 amazing people made in order for our lives to be better today.

This book gives you greater understanding and appreciate for:

Abraham or Ur
Pericles the Greek
Paul-Apostle to the Gentiles
The Incomparable Mr. Newton
Madame Marie Curie
Dr. Marin Luther King, Jr.
Mother Teresa

These 7 giants "individually and collectively altered the way that we are governed, the way that we think, the way that we act, the nature of our aspirations, the priorities that we pursue, what we understand, and the comforts that we enjoy."

They have made our lives, and us, better!


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About the Author

Ted Stewart

Ted Stewart was appointed as a United States District Court Judge in 1999 by President Bill Clinton. Prior to that, he served as chief of staff to Governor Michael O. Leavitt, as executive director of the State Department of Natural Resources, as a member and chairman of the Public Service Commission, and as chief of staff to Congressman Jim Hansen. He has been a visiting professor at two state universities, teaching courses in law and public policy. He is the New York Times bestselling author of The Miracle of Freedom: 7 Tipping Points that Saved the World.

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