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Flawed and Endearing Characters
By , Submitted on 2018-07-23

Are you a fan of Jane Austen? Then you will want to check out this book and the other books by this author. She is so good at writing the contemporary versions of classic Austen books. Even if you aren't a Jane Austen fan and don't get the connection, this is still a very fun book!

This book in particular had that classic "feel" to it. All the emotions I remember as I read Emma really shined through in this book as well. I love that I had the same sort of feelings of familiarity even though the circumstances varied from the classic. That's how I want my re-take on classics to feel.

I was frustrated with both Parker (who is always criticizing Eliza and telling her all the things she does wrong) and Eliza who bumbles so many things. Eliza isn't malicious though, she just makes some mistakes. I love how Eliza tries so hard to help people and make up for the mistakes she does make. She loves her family and takes especially good care of her father. She is an endearing character. The whole cast of characters were just perfect and I loved them.

I read through this book quickly and enjoyed every minute of it!

Content: clean, kissing

- I received a complimentary copy of this book. All opinions expressed are my own.

Contemporary Emma retelling
By , Submitted on 2018-07-20

This is a fun, light contemporary retelling of Jane Austen's Emma. It was cute to see the classic characters in a modern setting, but it made the story rather predictable. I was hoping for some twists to shake things up or bring added depth, but the themes and characters stuck to the formula. I enjoyed the Southern California setting with the sunshine and surf, and the flower shop was sweet, although Eliza repeatedly got annoyed that others didn't know to not touch the petals of her flowers. Parker and Eliza shared great chemistry and banter, but I wished there was more romantic tension between the two of them throughout the story. Overall it was a pleasant book and a nice summer read.

(I received a complimentary copy of the book; all opinions in this review are my own)

If you like Austen's Emma, you'll probably enjoy this
By , Submitted on 2018-07-18

The Matchmaker's Match is a contemporary re-telling of Jane Austen's Emma. I think Larsen does a good job with her re-tellings, but I'll admit that Emma isn't my favorite story. It was a bit of an uphill battle to win me over.

Eliza had good intentions, but the way she looked down on people for things they couldn't control wasn't endearing-at all. She was a snob and it was actually a bit hard to understand why Parker liked her or how she had true friends that didn't seem like snobs. Much to their credit, those friends and some of the other supporting characters gave us a lot of kind gestures and instances of rising above themselves in the story.

Even though I didn't really like Eliza, I did feel bad for her with so many changes in her life that left her feeling alone. She had a lot of growth throughout the story, and I appreciated that.

It's clean and a fast read, and I think if you are a fan of Emma you would probably enjoy Larsen's re-telling.

*I received a complimentary copy. All opinions expressed are my own.

Loved this cute contemporary romance!
By , Submitted on 2018-07-16

I’m always happy when I get to read a new book by an author that I’ve read and enjoyed reading before! I really enjoyed the two books I’ve read by Brittany Larsen Pride and Politics and Sense and Second Chances. I liked The Matchmaker’s Match just as much!

Eliza is a great character. I was really amazed by how much she tried to do for everyone around her. She takes care of her dad, because he has a bit of mental illness and she doesn’t want to leave him alone. Eliza works hard on her sister Caroline’s wedding, and she does the same planning for her best friends wedding. And she’s always giving people jobs in her flower shop. Even to the point of losing money instead of making it. She really has a big heart. The big thing with Eliza is that she doesn’t know when to stop taking care of everyone around her, and take care of herself instead.

Then there’s Parker. He’s the brother of Caroline’s husband. I liked him, but I didn’t feel like I “knew” him because the whole story is from Eliza’s point of view. One thing about Parker is that he never seems to feel as though Eliza is good enough. There seems to be a running list of what she does wrong from him. I really wish that I knew what he was thinking through some of this book.

There are so many fun characters in this one. Hailey, Elton, Taylor, Nancy, Jami, Blake. I really want to know what happens to each and every one of them!

I liked the beach town vibe this one has. It’s set in Orange County, California. There’s tons of outdoor ocean and beachy fun. It made me want to head to the beach, get out a chair and read by the ocean.

This one is really a fun one! I can’t wait to read more by this author!

By , Submitted on 2018-07-13

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