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By , Submitted on 2018-09-20

Absolutely loved this book! My husband and I listened to it together. We looked forward to listening to it every night. The background and historical facts were enlightening and interesting. The relating of the Savior's crucifixion was somber and reverent and heartwrenching. This is one of those books that draws you in as if you were there. It was a wonderful experience!

Great Book but Poor CD Packaging
By , Submitted on 2017-12-12

I really enjoyed the book. It's a great story and the book is mostly very engaging and kept my attention. The depiction of life in the time of Christ was very interesting. I have the audiobook on CD, which is my preferred way of "reading" books, mostly while traveling. My only complaint is that the packaging for the CD version is very cheap and disappointing. There is no plastic case - just a thin cardboard case, and there are no individual protective sleeves for the CDs as with most Deseret Book CD audiobook products. They are just in cardboard pockets, which will result in scratched CDs in no time. Please don't publish any more CD books with this poor packaging!

By , Submitted on 2017-11-02

I disagree with the writer who gave a negative report about the book in regards to minor things such as everyone crying because I've lived and worked around Jews most of my life and they are just that way even today so I can just imagine them being more so in the time of Christ. As for falling inland be so quickly that to would have happened. I am 75 years old and even in the 50's we would have fallen in like e like that and very innocent like and nieve. Being careful about everything. As far as Maximus not meeting Jesus it wasn't his duty to meet him as much as it was to observe him and see his character. I loved the book and have read it twice so far. I felt it gave people the opertunity to really feel what it might have been living during the time of Christ. How they may have acted and lived. It helped you feel a part of the Jewish people who may have believed that Jesus was the Mesiah. It had to be hard on them and it gives us an idea how some became followers and believers. It changed my way of thinking about many scriptures I read now and pictures I see. I look at them different now and I appreciate them in a different way. I appreciate people different as well. I see my good Jewish friends different and all others different as well. It's as though I seeeach person through God's eye as we should and if anything I think this book brought a new life tand meaning to the life of Jesus and the followers he had during his time on earth. I think it is a wonderful book and I love it.

Just couldn't put it down!!
By , Submitted on 2017-10-24

'Maximus: Soldier at the Cross"
By: Richard L. Black

I love this book so much that it has easily reached my top three! I love the story line and how well everything progressed, and it never came up short of my expectations. What an amazing story of a Roman general and his journey from being an under cover "Jewish" spy sent from the Roman empire to investigate a man named Jesus, to being a true follower of Jesus Christ. I loved how the story moved along well with the bible story and made the events seem real and imaginable. I loved seeing this story that just might be close to how history actually happened, and how many people felt about the events at that time. Being the history nut that I am, I loved getting at least some insight as to what was actually happening at that exciting time, and how the Jewish or Christian religions worked at that time.
The story was so exciting at all times, and didn't have a single boring moment. I loved the type of narration that this author used, and how effective it was at delivering each event that was unfolded and allowed the reader to get many of the characters perspectives on each event. This is a book that I will read again and again, because this is a classic!

By , Submitted on 2015-09-17

compelling. Well written and well plotted. A gentle retelling of a different world, a different time, a different viewpoint.

A good "ebook" read
By , Submitted on 2015-03-19

I enjoyed reading this on my IPad. It is well written and the pacing is good. You do not get an in-depth study of the Savior's life. Maximus arrives in the Holyland shortly before the Savior's crucifixion. He never meets the Savior, but he does witness Him teaching and performing miraculous healings. Maximus receives a witness of the Savior's divinity, if not his mission. The story is just to brief for much spiritual development. I am comparing the story to The Kingdom and the Crown series, and it is an unfair comparison. The author had a specific story he was telling of a Roman general being dissatisfied with brutal Roman conquests and seeking a change for the better in his life. He and his cohort travel to Judea on assignment from Emperor Tiberius to ascertain whether Jesus is a threat to Roman rule. They meet a Jewish family and there find romance and acceptance. It's a good yarn and well worth reading, as long as you don't expect in-depth and detailed historical fiction.

By , Submitted on 2015-03-09

A FASCINATING look into the life and times of Jesus~

Two high ranking Roman soldiers impersonate common Jewish men...

In order to follow Jesus to see who he is, what he does, and to see if he is a threat to the Roman empire.

They are to report directly to Pontius Pilate under order of emperor Tiberius.

These two men, Maximus and Androcles, who have fought long, hard battles...

Now find themselves fully immersed in Jewish traditions and living with a family in the fishing village of Capernaum.

They not only watch Jesus teach and follow his movements, but they also question those who have been taught and changed by Him.

Follow Maximus and Androcles as they shed their Roman warrior attire and become Jacob and Levi...

Two humble and non-confrontational Jewish men questioning- who is this Jesus?

"Is it possible this carpenter from Nazareth is the Son of God?
Is it possible for a man of war to live a life of peace?"

One you will not be able to put down!

Couldn't put it down!
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

This story grabbed me right from the beginning and took me on a thought provoking journey! I loved the characters, and the story weaved though events in the bible, causing me to consider what it might have been like to have lived when Jesus was on the earth. I loved it, and highly recommend it!