Meet your Match

by Stephanie Fowers

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Product Description


Jacqueline Childs and Britton Sergeant disagree on almost everything, and definitely on what kind of man catches a girl's eye. Jacqueline writes a love-advice column, and intends to write an article settling the matter once and for all. So, in defense of their genders, they make a wager involving unsuspecting players: Mr. Nice Guy and Mr. Jerk. Both will go after the biggest squirrelly girl in the singles ward-whoever catches the girl, wins.


All's fair in love and wagers.

... however, when Jacqueline's plan starts to work too well, she's afraid the worst will happen: she'll win the wager, but lose her chance for her own Mr. Nice Guy.

About the Author

Stephanie Fowers

Ever since Stephanie entertained fellow second graders with The Donut Mysteries and wrote the ever-dramatic Crystal of Darkness, she has been caught between comedy and drama--as well as science fiction and satire. Stephanie puts the blame for loving this odd assortment of genres on her large family; her family life has always been a cross between Little Women and Little Rascals. She served an LDS mission in the Philippines and graduated from BYU in English and communications and has supported her writing habit by falling into swamps at Mosquito Control, getting hit with golf balls while speed mowing, and serving fast food with a fake smile.

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