Memories of Me

by Laura Hedgecock

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We all have stories we want to share with our children and grandchildren. Whether it’s your proudest moment, your first car, or your favorite family vacation, you want to share the lessons of life you've learned. Make your memories last using the easy tips and tricks in Memories of Me. This book details steps to gather your memories, explores options for recording your stories, and provides helpful tips of all types. Save your memories while they're still fresh.

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Laura Hedgecock

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By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

As an avid genealogist I have learned to LOVE the hyphen (-) between the birth and death dates.

That little mark represents all the experiences and stories that shape our lives.

As I read stories about someone else they become more real to me.

I love learning about their struggles, their triumphs, their passions, their life.

Now with the help of this WONDERFUL book you can write your own stories to leave for your posterity.


You can write about someone else you know to leave a record of their life.

This book has:

*General writing tips

*Ideas on how to find the time to write

*Worksheets to help you know what to write about and to spark creativity.

*Examples of written and illustrated excerpts to explain what works and what might be too hard for your intended readers to follow.

This book will help you bring your family history or personal history alive.

It will allow you to leave a "treasure chest of memories ...for the important people in your life."


Phenomenal guidance!
Fantastic help!
Incredible worksheets!

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