Men of Courage, Men of Faith

by History of the Saints

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The most important word is remember! Every man needs inspiration and powerful examples to remind him of what he can be and how a man of God should be. Men of Courage, Men of Faith is a collection of stories of remarkable men from our pioneer past who, in their trials and triumphs, teach us all how to live and what we can become — instruments in the hands of the Lord to help build up His kingdom. Master storyteller Glenn Rawson brings history to life with fascinating insights from the lives of many of these noteworthy men, including Ephraim K. Hanks, Erastus Snow, James G. Willie, William H. Kimball, Solomon Mack, Daniel W. Jones, Redick Allred, Lucius Scoville, and more. Use these stirring stories for a little daily inspiration or as a perfect addition to a family home evening lesson.

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About the Author

History of the Saints

History of the Saints is a private non-profit entity dedicated to the research and teaching of Latter-day Saint history. Dennis Lyman, Bryant Bush, and Glenn Rawson originally began working together as part of the Joseph Smith Papers and have continued their efforts to make early Church history as accurate, understandable and accessible to a general audience as possible.

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