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The Joseph Smith Ring is an open edition reproduction of the ring that Joseph Smith used to illustrate the eternal nature of man, and which he wore to his martyrdom. It appears on his hand in several paintings done in his lifetime. Emma Hale Smith, the prophet's widow, received Joseph's personal effects after his martyrdom at Carthage on June 27, 1844, including “one gold finger ring.” Later, she gave the ring to their son, Alexander Hale Smith. Following Alexander's death in 1909, his eldest son, Frederick A. Smith, became the recipient of Joseph Smith's gold ring. With Frederick's death in 1954, the historic artifact went to his oldest son, Glaud Leslie Smith. Glaud Leslie passed away in 1986. Today, the ring is privately owned.

The ring has an eternal circle engraved on the face. Joseph Smith's signature on the inside of the ring is a designer's element that has been added. Complete with tapering sides connecting underneath to form the shank, this ring is a quality reproduction of the original.

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If it were possible, I would buy one for everyone.
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

I have bought 3 Joseph Smith rings, 2 silver and one gold, we all love them. I bought my husband a gold one first, he wears it as a wedding band, I then bought my son a silver one for graduation, it was too big for the finger he wanted to wear it on so I kept it for myself and bought him a different size. We all wear our rings everyday and have had no problems with them turning our finger green or the silver or gold rubbing off. My son's companion who is from Africa wants one so I am buying one for him. They are precious rings that remind us of who we were, who we are now and who we can become.

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