Millennial Generation: Leading Today's Youth into the Future

by Vaughn J. Featherstone

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Elder Vaughn J. Featherstone has worked closely with the youth of the Church from Scouting to youth conferences and from firesides to Young Women camps. In The Millennial Generation, Elder Featherstone culminates his service to youth with counsel to parents and leaders on bringing up young men and women in the latter days.

He writes, 'We need to use all of our spiritual resources to serve this upcoming generation.' Elder Featherstone discusses such topics as working with new technologies, providing opportunities for service and recreation, and encouraging temple attendance. Elder Featherstone draws from words of the scriptures and General Authorities as well as great literature and other reference material.

Chapters include 'Joy Unspeakable,' 'God's Divine Mercy,' and 'Healing the Scars of Abuse.' This book will be a valuable guide to parents and youth leaders.


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