Millennial Glory, Vol. 10: Adam-Ondi-Ahman

by Wendie L. Edwards

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The final book in this much-loved series! It is the end of days and all is in commotion. While deception and evil are rampant, armies of angels guard Zion and the power of God changes the course of rivers for the Saints' defense. The day of Adam-ondi-Ahman has come!

About the Author

Wendie L. Edwards

Wendie L. Edwards began writing in college when her first paid work was published by Brigham Young University. Graduating Cum Laude from the Nursing program with a Bachelors degree, she entered the field of Intensive Care Nursing as a Registered Nurse. After eight years, she is now a CCRN and an Education Nurse Specialist in the American Fork Intensive Care Unit.

In the past, she has taught for the Church Educational System as an early morning Seminary Teacher and currently is a guest speaker at many adult and youth LDS functions.

Combining religion, science, medicine and the human experience in writing has been a love of hers since the very beginning. She was always drawn to science fiction stories with a religious theme. It is from this love that the Millennial Glory Series has evolved. It is a work she feels privileged as well as driven to create. She plans to keep writing until the end of days has been fully explored and the Saints have inherited their rightful place as heirs of God's kingdom!

She and her husband Ted are the parents of nine children, seven sons and two daughters and reside in Provo Utah.

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