Mind Games

by Stephanie Black

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Psychologist Natalie Marsh's dream is now reality: her mental health services clinic has opened and is housed in an elegant, newly renovated nineteenth-century building. Unfortunately, not everyone is happy with the clinic's presence, including Heather Osbourne, a troubled young woman who wholly objects to the occupation of the building. Heather has spent years wandering the halls of the abandoned structure, convinced she's communing with her ancestor's ghost. When Natalie thwarts Heather's attempt to leap from a window, the shaken psychologist soon realizes Heather's failed jump is merely one piece of a disturbing puzzle. Greed and deceit are weaving a web around Natalie, and someone will stop at nothing?—not even murder—to get what they want. Stretched to her breaking point, Natalie struggles to learn the truth, but only one thing is clear: nothing is as it seems.

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Size6 x 9
PublishedCovenant Communications 2017
Audiobook Runtime11.57
Audiobook NarratorLuone Ingram

About the Author

Stephanie Black

STEPHANIE BLACK has loved books since she was old enough to grab the pages, and has enjoyed creating make-believe adventures since she and her sisters were inventing long Barbie games filled with intrigue and danger or running around pretending to be detectives. She is a three-time Whitney Award winner for Best Mystery/Suspense, most recently for Cold as Ice (2010). Stephanie was born in Utah and has lived in various places, including Arizona, Massachusetts, New York, and Limerick, Ireland. She currently lives in northern California and enjoys spending time with her husband Brian and their five children. She is a fan of chocolate, cheesecake, and her husband’s homemade bread.

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Amazing, as usual
By , Submitted on 2017-10-29

Stephanie, the master of clean intrigue, has done it again. And she has done a great job and helping to destigmatize mental illness! thanks, Stephanie!

By , Submitted on 2017-10-16

This book was an excellent read! It was not predictable, and it kept me guessing from chapter to chapter. I LOVED it!

another great psychological thriller
By , Submitted on 2017-10-11

Wow! I didn't know that a place could have so many mentally disturbed people in such a small area. Half of the people in this book have serious issues. Psychologist Natalie Marsh's dream has finally become a reality--she has her own clinic, Nefesh Bria (healthy soul in Hebrew), in a beautiful building, but things aren't coming up all roses. I think it's safe to say when someone attempts to commit suicide by jumping from a 4th floor window onto the courtyard below that's filled with guests who are there for the opening gala, it's a bad sign.
Heather Osborne has always objected to the construction of the Stoker Building since she "feels" her great-great-great-grandmother's presence there. Some of the other tenants of the building (namely Baxter Quincy and Victoria Parisi) aren't thrilled to have a mental health clinic there either and are quite vocal about it.
Robert Chapman, the owner of the Stoker Building, asks Natalie to be a liaison with Heather's brother so he can let them know if she's up to something that will cause problems for the Stoker Building and its business tenants. This is one request Natalie should've turned down because it only brings her a world of trouble. Heather's brother is Kenton Lowery, a former patient of Natalie's, which she can't tell anyone because of therapist/patient confidentiality, so when untrue rumors start she can't clarify their "relationship", she can only deny the rumors. Strange things start happening such as reports of "mentally disturbed patients" harassing people coming in and out of the building, which fuels Baxter Quincy's case to get Nefesh Bria out of the building.
There are so many things going on at in this book, I couldn't figure out who was the thief and who was the killer or were they the same person? I didn't figure out who the killer was, and until the big reveal explained it all I had pinned one of the murders on someone else. Stephanie Black did a great job of keeping me on the edge of my seat.
Gideon must really love Natalie to have stuck around while the madness descended upon them and dragged him into it with her. If I were Natalie I would seriously consider moving across the country where no one knew me and open up a new clinic. There are a lot of characters in this book, so if you have trouble remembering names you might want to make a cheat sheet to keep them straight. I'm glad I don't live in Ohneka, there are too many crazy people there.

Another Good Book From Stephanie Black!
By , Submitted on 2017-09-14

This is a book I have rules about. Number one: don't read at night. Number two: don't read when you are alone. Both of which I had to do for this book in order to get it read in time for my review. I'm a wimp, no doubt about it and I really wish I would have kept to my rules. 😱

This book started out slow for me. It took me a few chapters to get a grip on who the many characters were and what role they played. I'd have to stop and think- wait, who is this? I don't like having to do that. By the middle of the book the intensity ramped up and things started happening at a faster pace. I was thinking everyone was guilty, bad and lying! The ending is very climactic! (and it scared me)

Stephanie Black is so good at writing these suspense/thrillers. What a mind she has. I appreciate that she is able to write in this genre and keep it clean.

Content: violence, death, attempted suicide

By , Submitted on 2017-09-13

(4.5 Stars) Black does a great job of building a thrilling story full of suspense and tense moments. There are so many twists and turns and at times, I was left reeling. Some moments were a little confusing to me because it took me a minute to straighten out the characters and their roles in the book, but once I got a grip on them, I was in it hook, line, and sinker.

Dr. Natalie Marsh was the main character in Black's previous story, but these don't necessarily need to be read in order. Can I just say if I was Natalie, I'd be looking for another line of work and maybe a move out of the country? I honestly don't know how much stress and drama one person can take. I'd be scared of my own shadow by this point, if I were her. Natalie is written in a way that makes her very realistic and easy to relate to--yes, she's a psychologist, but she's "normal."

There are so many crazy and creepy situation and they all seem to be threaded together with almost eerie, paranormal tendrils that left me feeling a few goosebumps. I can always count on this author to deliver a novel full of surprises that leaves me flipping pages as fast as I can.

Content: very mild romance; mild+ violence (murders, death, attempted suicide, etc--nothing graphic)

*I received a copy through the publisher, which did not affect my opinion in any way.*

This author is a master at writing mystery/suspense novels!
By , Submitted on 2017-09-13

Stephanie Black really is a master at the mystery/suspense category. Each and every one of her books is full of amazing suspense. Reading this one made me almost a little wary to go out, what if I came back to a dead body. Then I reminded myself that this is only fiction...I'm not going to find a dead body!

I really like the way Stephanie Black writes these. In this one, you see the story from multiple viewpoints. Natalie, Gideon, Ainsley. But even seeing it from so many perspectives, I had no idea who could have been after Natalie. That's part of what made it so fun!

I love the characters. Natalie is really amazing, she's been through so much already between her mom and her sister. Now she just wants to help people who can't help themselves. She's a psychologist and she's just opened her new mental health clinic. But she opened it in a beautifully renovated building that's popular with all kinds of other businesses and they want nothing to do with her business being there. I love that she's not willing to give up her dream to bow to the other people's wishes. But things keep getting crazier and crazier and all of the evidence seems to point to Natalie, that she's the one who is killing and causing problems for everyone. Even with all of this, Natalie keeps trying to go on doing what makes her happy, helping others.

The other characters are great too. I really liked Gideon. I liked the way he goes out of his way to help Natalie with everything. He feels so concerned when he can't figure out just who is causing the problems either.

This one had tons going on in the plot. There's the main conflict of the Natalie and her clinic. But there's also Ainsley and Stuart and the problems they make for themselves. I loved the way it kind of all tied in in the end. And the main bad guy was such a surprise for me at the end. There's no way I would have ever guessed just who it was. This was such a great one! I loved the amount of suspense, and it really made me not want to put it down until I got to the very end!

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