The Ministry of Peter, the Chief Apostle

by Sidney B. Sperry Symposium

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Product Description

A sometimes fallible but nonetheless earnest disciple, the Apostle Peter is an important example of grace, transformation, service, and power. Like others who came after, Peter's ministry began when he, a simple man, was chosen by the Lord to become more than he was. The changes wrought in Peter chronicled in scripture are, quite evidently, miraculous. What can we learn from his life and ministry? What insights into God's dealing with mortal men can we glean from Peter's experience? Are there aspects of that experience that resonate with our own?

Essays in this collection—including an appendix containing President Spencer W. Kimball's magnificent 1971 address "Peter, My Brother"—treat Peter's cultural background and context, his role in the apostolic church, many of his noted teachings, and his important legacy in early Christianity and the Restoration. But above all, Peter is revealed as one who, through the Atonement and the endowment of the Spirit, overcame his own weaknesses to become one of the greatest, and most powerful, witnesses of the divinity, mission, and Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

The following gospel scholars are contributors to the 43rd Annual Sperry Symposium on the New Testament:

  • Terry B. Ball
  • S. Kent Brown
  • Scott C. Esplin
  • Nicholas J. Frederick
  • Matthew J. Grey
  • Steven C. Harper
  • Shon D. Hopkin
  • Eric D. Huntsman
  • Fran F. Judd, Jr.
  • Jennifer C. Lane
  • Jared W. Ludlow
  • Eric-Jon K. Marlowe
  • Robert L. Millet
  • Brent J. Schmidt
  • Gaye Strathearn
  • Catherine C. Taylor
  • Brent L. Top
  • Thomas A. Wayment
  • John W. Welch
  • Edited by Frank F. Judd, Jr., Eric D. Huntsman, and Shon D. Hopkin.

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    Sidney B. Sperry Symposium

    The Sidney B. Sperry Symposium, held annually at the end of October at Brigham Young University, features speakers from BYU Religious Educational, Seminary and Institute teachers in the Church Educational System, and other gospel scholars. The symposium focus is traditionally on the topic for Gospel Doctrine and Church study for the upcoming year.

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