The Miraculous Power of Charity

by Douglas Dobberfuhl

Miraculous power charity

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What has the power to soften hearts, open minds, and restore hope? What can heal the wounds of abuse and fill the empty spaces left by neglect? The answer is charity, which the prophet Mormon describes as “the pure love of Christ.” Charity is the love God feels for His children—and the kind of love He asks us to feel for ourselves and each other. Through the marvelous power of charity, we can enjoy

  • Renewed self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Secure attachments with our children
  • A solid base for building an eternal relationship with our spouse
  • Optimized health and increased energy
  • The undoing of years of pain, suffering, fear, and depression

In this groundbreaking book, Douglas Dobberfuhl explores the latest findings about the brain and body in regards to charity. Drawing on over twenty years as a professional therapist, he helps readers understand charity, experience the love of Heavenly Father, and cultivate charity for others. Stories of real people are provided as motivating examples of lives transformed by charity. This God-given love can fulfill us personally, improve our marriages, and strengthen our families. If we allow ourselves to receive and share charity, its power can change us forever.

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Douglas Dobberfuhl

Douglas Dobberfuhl has been a family therapist for nearly twenty‑five years. Currently, he works as a life coach in the Oquirrh (pronounced Oh-ker) Mountains of Utah. For fifteen years, Douglas and his family resided in Washington State, where he grew to love the rain and the deep-green colors of the landscape. As a child, he lived in a small town in Northwestern Wisconsin. Douglas served a full-time mission in Belgium. He met his angel of a wife, Stephanie, when she started a food fight in the cafeteria at Brigham Young University. After BYU, Douglas and Stephanie moved to South Florida to attend graduate school at Nova Southeastern University. They have been married for nearly thirty years and have five children.

The Missing Lesson is Douglas' sixth book. His writings reflect his passion to find the interconnectedness between neurobiology, mental health, and spirituality. He enjoys hearing from readers and may be reached at

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By , Submitted on 2017-09-29

This book is written with real life examples and instructions from prophets, apostles, and the scriptures of how to develop charity, use charity and heal using charity. There are some psychology principles with many gospel principles found in this well written and thoughtful book on a very profound and difficult topic. All can benefit by reading and applying charity in all aspects of our lives. This book is well done and life changing!

By , Submitted on 2017-09-28

Charity may seem simple or overdone, but Doug has a way of approaching the topic in a real and penetrating way. I have read the book once and plan to read it again with my husband. There is just so much to learn from the insights shared in this book. And yet I don't feel overwhelmed or inadequate. Instead, I feel encouraged.

Amazing and insightful
By , Submitted on 2017-09-21

How he always manages to take terrible situations and be understanding, yet expectant of a person's ability change is always amazing. A great way at looking honesty at yourself so you can improve and progress, but doesn't leave you feeling guilty and inadequate. It's great.

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