Mitt Romney: An Inside Look at the Man and His Politics

by R. B. Scott

Mitt romney

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The only independent biography of the candidate who would be President

The 2012 race for the White House is racing along at full tilt. Mitt Romney is widely assumed to be the front-runner for the Republican nominee. Question is, can he hold the lead? Ron Scott provides the first independent (unauthorized) biographical profile of the possible Republican nominee. Mitt Romney takes a frank and revealing look at what makes Mitt the man tick, more human than he often appears to be on the stump: his character, convictions, his words and actions, yes his flips and his flops too, and, his triumphs and setbacks. It also attempts to answer the question everyone is asking: Can a faithful Mormon really win his party’s nomination and then upset the popular if now struggling, incumbent President, Barack Obama? Drawing on extensive research amassed over more than two decades, including interviews with people who know him best — allies and adversaries alike — this book paints a savvy, textured, and revealing portrait of the candidate, his history, family, religion, political beliefs, and strategy. It will put Mitt in context like no other book to date.

“As a talented journalist, as a Mormon, and as a distant cousin, Ron Scott is able to skillfully pierce the carefully-crafted public image of Mitt Romney to provide a fascinating portrait of one of America’s most complicated political figures. The combination of dogged reporting, captivating writing, and familiarity with Romney’s background makes this insightful book required reading for anyone wanting to look beyond the Tin Man image of a man who could one day become president of the United States.” — George E. Curry, nationally syndicated columnist

About the Author

R. B. Scott

Ronald B. Scott wrote for People, Time, Life, Sports Illustrated and Money. His work has appeared in USA Today, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, The Boston Globe, Salt Lake Tribune and the Philadelphia Inquirer. Scott was the first to raise the “flip flopping” issue in 2005 when Romney changed positions on abortion and gay rights.

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Balanced and placed in good context
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

Ron Scott has finished a 20 year project to report on the real MItt Romney. This comes at a perfect time. Millions of voters will be eager to know the would-be president of the U.S. and this insider's view has the indisputable validity the public deserves in a biography. While not written for political persuasion, the book outlines Romney's positions on the dominant issues facing american society and this in a time progression from 1993 ot the present. the flip flopper accusations are thus better understandable when firmly placed in context.

Not often do biographies furnish such complete information on the lives of the subjects close family members. This one does, probably to underscore the well known family solidarity and religious grounding of Romney and his LDS faith. Fortunately, this works since, to a person, no crazy ants emerge. The powerful influence of Mitt's father George, himself a past presidential aspirant, is apparent by tracing the father's values and basic political philosophy through the years of his son's youth and early manhood.

As I read a preliminary manuscript, my mind was primed to sort out any mormon historical inaccuracies and my affect alert to any strong biases the author may harbor due to a personal relationship with Romney. I was delighted to find the book well balanced and without any obvious slant in any respect. The quotations from a large swath of co-workers, clients, church members and family were representative of the true gamut of Romney's associations. I especially enjoyed the insight into Massachusetts Mormon social dynamics. That an "Organization of Mormons against Mitt" could exist ought to help blunt the stereotype of LDS monolithic political life. The cross-section of member's experience with Mitt as stake president reveals the man as flawed in the ordinary sense of humanity, but on balance finds him acceptable as a fair and sincere leader. Also of interest is the repeated description of this politician as a listener -then decisive in action as a listener first. This feature of a leader is difficult to discern given the format of debates, commercials, and the negative campaigning that experts say win elections.

RB Scott writes in a well paced, lucid manner, expected of a professional journalist. Sentence formation is varied and vocabulary is crisp and only occasionally requires a dictionary. There is plenty here for the scholar, the voter and the politically motivated to find satisfying. Knowing Mormon history as an avocation, I see no room for fault in this respect. Overall, Mitt Romney comes out fit for the office he seeks. That a few embarrassing real-life scenes are found in these 297 pages only attests to the fairness and value of this excellent, timely read.

The "deal" with Mitt Romney
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

Ron Scott is a rock 'n' roll, hang-onto-your-hat writer who is always witty, engaging and intelligent. I knew I would love this book and learn everything it's possible for a voter to know about Mitt. The LDS culture spans every demographic from desperately poor to obscenely wealthy, and there is always that nagging mistrust of the very-rich. How did they get that way without compromising their Christian principles? Is it even possible? Is Mitt truly incorruptible? Can a guy of his intellect and ability even relate to us average folks? "Inside Look" offers answers. I loved every page, was sad when it ended, and bought copies for friends and kids-- it's that good.

Great Read!
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

Fabulously well rounded book about Mitt Romney. Scott lays out Romney's strengths and foibles. In end, Romney for the most part comes out on top. Romney is not a perfect person and and I enjoyed reading a frank non biased analysis of his character, beliefs, and life. This book puts the facts on the table in a tasteful manner and doesn't try to cover up anything, which makes it all the more interesting to read.

From The Book Jacket
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

"As a talented journalist, as a Mormon and as a distant cousin, Ron Scott (R.B. Scott) is able to skillfully pierce the carefully-crafted public image of Mitt Romney to provide a fascinating portrait of one of America’s most complicated political figures. The combination of dogged reporting, captivating writing and familiarity with Romney’s background makes this insightful book required reading for anyone wanting to look beyond the Tin Man image of a man who could one day become president of the United States."

George Curry
Syndicated Columnist

By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

Brilliantly written. Artful prose without being heavy-handed. It's a journalistic look at a public figure that many have a difficult time figuring out. Scott brings Romney to life...something Romney has a bit of a difficult time doing himself.

Great read.
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

One of the most timely, interesting, informative and enjoyable books I've read in a long time. This is a must read for anyone who is considering voting for Mitt Romney for president. Ron Scott, who was born and raised in Salt Lake City but now lives in Boston, dissects the candidate complete with family history, current family, Romney's political history, the history of his involvement in the Mormom Church, 2002 Olympics, his positions on various issues, history of flip-flopping, etc. The book is full of interesting anecdotes and lots of personal history. In spite of revealing some maybe "not so flattering" stories, the author made sure to expound on Romney's extraordinary leadership skills and business talent which, in the long run, is what the country needs most.
I was nervous to read this book because I'm such a Romney fan and wasn't so sure I would be when I finished it, but I found it refreshing to find out that Romney is indeed human, and it didn't sway me against him in the least. Yes, I'm still in awe of the man and he has my vote in 2012.

"A Broad-ranging portrait"
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

By Scott Renshaw
CITY Weekly
October 26,2011

Opportunistic biographies are a dime a dozen during a presidential election cycle, with journalists digging up historical dirt on various candidates. But Ronald Scott comes at his biography of Mitt Romney from a slightly different direction: He’s known Romney for decades, since the Republican frontrunner was his stake president in Massachusetts.

The result is honest, yet never a simple takedown. Through dogged reporting and his own personal recollections, Scott paints a broad-ranging portrait of Romney, from his college years through his missionary experience, his business triumphs and his time running both the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City and the state of Massachusetts. It’s a look at the ideals he adopted from his father, former Michigan Gov. George Romney, as well as where he steered his own politics in a different direction.

The image that emerges, as is true of any well-studied individual’s life, is more complex than you might expect. Scott highlights the personality traits that simultaneously made Romney a success in the private and the public sector, and a difficult-to-embrace enigma for many potential voters. Through one memorable anecdote—about an encounter with an officious park ranger that landed Romney in jail in 1981—Scott conveys an occasionally short-tempered man driven to straightforward solutions, yet not always savvy enough to read people well, or understand that his meticulous image-controlling can be seen as disingenuous. Join the author for a reading this week, and learn more than you already thought you knew about the man who would be president. (Scott Renshaw)

Engaging look into the private life of Mitt Romney
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

This book is written from the unique perspective of someone who knows, and has had access to, Mitt's social circle. The detail on Mitt the person and church leader is not likely to be duplicated in other biographies. Scott has established himself as the go to authority on Mitt Romney.

Finally, A Balanced Biography
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

As a researcher on this book, I was constantly asked about the "slant" on this biography. Was it pro-romney or anti-romney? Would it make him more or less electable? I can tell you that Ron Scott did not have ANY agenda going in or coming out. He did not apologize for anything the governor may have done in his past but he did not attack him for the sake of attacking either. Personally, I do not think the book portrays Mitt positively or negatively but as human and all the complexities that come with that. The book if funny, intimate, fascinating, and sincere. You would truly be missing out if you do not read this book about the man who could become our next president.

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