The Mormon Doctrine of Deity

by B. H. Roberts

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When two local ministers criticized Latter-day Saint beliefs about God in 1901, Elder B.H. Roberts defended the following doctrines: "First, we believe that God is a being with a body in form like a man's; . . . that in a word, God is an exalted, perfected man. Second, we believe in a plurality of Gods. Third, we believe that somewhere and some time in the ages to come . . . man at last may become like God—a God."

Roberts critiqued Catholic and Protestant theology, calling it "paganized Christianity"—a characterization that prompted the now famous rebuttal from the Reverend Cyril van der Donckt of Pocatello, Idaho. To this, Roberts penned an even more comprehensive rejoinder.

Published as The Mormon Doctrine of Deity, this debate forms one of the most engaging and complete considerations of the topic ever compiled. It not only showcases two brilliant, quick-witted theologians, it also surveys authoritative historical sources for both the Mormon doctrines and traditional Christian concepts about God.

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