Mormon Scientist: The Life and Faith of Henry Eyring

by Henry J. Eyring

Mormon Scientist: The Life and Faith of Henry Eyring

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Twice in the final years of his life, Elder Neal A. Maxwell told a grandson of Henry Eyring's, "You need to write your grandfather's story."

This is that story of Henry Eyring, perhaps the Church's most acclaimed scientist. It is a book about science and Mormonism, written to be easily understood by newcomers to both subjects. It demonstrates why one of the Church's highest-profile intellectuals was also one of its humblest believers. In fact, this story of Henry Eyring shows how intellect and belief go hand-in-hand and how simple, faithful people can change the world.

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By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

This book is entertaining, inspiring, and funny. I couldn't put it down. We can all learn something from this great man. After reading it, I feel like I know how to live more happily and more purposefully! Great!

Science and Religion do mix
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

Learn about a Mormon Scientist. Most people don't know that Henry J. Eyring contributed a lot to science. He is a great inspiration to us all.

A commitment to science by a faithful follower of Christ
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

Search for truth where ever you find it. As science struggles in the 21st century, it needs leadership of past greats like Dr Eyring.

About the Author

Henry J. Eyring

Henry J. Eyring graduated from Brigham Young University, earning a bachelor's degree in geology and graduate degrees in business administration and law. He is the advancement vice president of BYU-Idaho and has served as director of the BYU MBA program. He also served as president of the Japan Tokyo North Mission. He and his wife, Kelly, are the parents of five children.

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