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Family love after tragedy
By , Submitted on 2016-03-25

Mo, the main character in this book, attempts to weave through teenage life after tragedy hits her family. The author did a great job portraying genuine emotion from the characters who have to help each other cope and essentially grow. Family is a huge support group and this book shows how loving each other no matter what provides the foundation for emotional support. Thank you for writing a clean and meaningful book. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Loved it!
By , Submitted on 2016-02-17

I just finished Mosaic and loved it!
Mo Matheson was living with the normal struggles of a teenager: will I score a basket at the basketball tournament, does Joe really like me and do I like him? But when tragedy strikes, Mo is thrust into a reality that requires her to dig deep for strength and faith. She must fight against the need to judge and blame others, and give into the hate that seems to consume her. She must ultimately rely on her Heavenly Father to soften and heal her heart.
Bohnet allows us to see Mo’s life through Mo’s eyes – a powerful experience that will have you feel the full spectrum of emotions and, perhaps, remember your own teenage years. Bohnet also does something exceptionally well: she shows the strength of the youth of our church, championing their faith and ability to do what is right no matter how difficult. We see Mo and her friends strengthen each other and reach out to help those struggling . . . it’s inspiring and heartfelt. Mosaic is a powerful read for all ages, but our young people should have it on their nightstands—it’s that good.

Realistic and Heartfelt
By , Submitted on 2016-02-03

Mosaic is a story about dealing with tragedy and how time allows you to grow and change. Set in the late 1990's, Mo Matheson seemed at times to be living my own teenage years. From death, to friend and family struggles, to her time on the basketball court, I found I could both relate to and hurt for her. I found myself crying along with her and smiling when she took the next step forward. A story of forgiveness and faith, Mosaic captures life's turns in a realistic and heartfelt way.