Mountains Between Us

by Jenny Proctor

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“You're a good man, Henry,” Eliza whispered. Their eyes met for a brief moment before, seized by sudden impulse, Eliza closed the distance between them, stood on her tiptoes, and kissed him full on the lips. When she pulled away, Henry stood there, his eyes wide with surprise. He'd kissed back. She was certain of that. He could have pushed her away, and he hadn't. But the stupefied look on his face didn't exactly make it easy for her to know what to do next.

After three years of social work in Nashville, Eliza Redding is eager to leave her life at home behind for a new adventure. Nestled deep in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina is the site of her first job as a clinical counselor: Rockbridge Academy, a rehabilitative boarding school for troubled youth. Anticipating that she'll be the only Latter-day Saint at the academy, Eliza is pleasantly surprised to discover that English teacher Henry Jacobson is a fellow member of the Church. Her excitement is quickly diminished, however, when she discovers Henry's standoffish and cold personality. Undeterred, she commences the monumental task of befriending her reserved coworker.

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PublishedCovenant Communications, Inc. (Sept. 2, 2014)

About the Author

Jenny Proctor

Jenny Proctor writes from her home in the mountains of western North Carolina. She loves being a mom to six kids, loves being a writer, and loves being a Mormon in the South.

Jenny is convinced the four basic food groups should be fruit, bread, cheese, and chocolate, and she consumes plenty of each—quite often together. When she isn’t writing, Jenny likes to run, swim, and bike (because it balances out the bread, cheese, and chocolate).

Her first novel, The House at Rose Creek, was inspired by discoveries she made in her own family history. She has always felt strongly about the importance of family history work and has experienced firsthand the joy that such research can bring. To learn more about Jenny, visit her website at

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By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

Filled with depth and love and hope!

Eliza has just taken a position at Rockbridge Academy, a rehabilitation facility for troubled teens.

She finds the work challenging, but rewarding, and living in the woodsy out-doors is a bonus.

She is intrigued with fellow employee, Henry.

He is of her same faith, however, everyone tells her that he keeps to himself.

She also quickly realizes that another employee, Flip, finds her attractive and seeks her friendship.

When her past family troubles catch up with Eliza, Henry offers to help.

Not really knowing why he was so bold in that move Henry finds Eliza's company comforting.

As each open up their hearts they are drawn towards one another.

Yet something is holding Henry back.

He has never let anyone get so close, especially after losing Allison.

Can they find a way to get around the 'mountain that is between them?'


While Eliza and Henry's stories are the main theme there are also DELIGHTFUL details and insights into the lives of Flip and AJ and Amber and Bill and others that will also touch your heart!

The writing is FABULOUS!

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