Mustaches for Maddie

by Shelly Brown, Chad Morris

Mustaches for maddie

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Twelve-year-old Maddie has a quirky sense of humor and loves making her classmates laugh by slapping on fake mustaches every chance she gets. Being funny gets her noticed by class queen Cassie, and things are looking up when Maddie is cast as Juliet in the school play. Maybe Juliet could wear a mustache?

When Maddie starts tripping when she walks and her hand starts curling up at her side, her mom takes her to the doctor, who confirms Maddie has a brain tumor. In an instant, her world is turned upside down.

Maddie doesn't want anyone else to know. Especially Cassie, whose jealousy has turned to bullying. What about Maddie's chance to play Juliet opposite the cutest boy in the sixth grade? What if the doctors can't get the ugly tumor monster out of her brain?

As Maddie's surgery approaches, she wonders if her illness is giving her super powers because her imagination is bigger than ever, her courage is stronger than ever, and her compassion is about to be felt by more people than she ever imagined.

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Book on CDUnabridged, 4 discs, approx. 5.4 hours
Size5.5 x 8.25
PublishedShadow Mountain 2017

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Shelly Brown

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Chad Morris

Chad Morris would love to be able to control animal avatars, see history in 3D, and show everyone how he imagines stories. Since the inventions that would make that possible currently exist only in his imagination, he settles for reading, writing, playing basketball, rappelling down an occasional slot canyon, dating his wife, and hanging out with his five awesome kids. Chad speaks Portuguese, can play the Phineas and Ferb theme song on the guitar, and does decent impressions of a velociraptor and Voldemort—but not at the same time. He isn't very good at fixing his car, shopping for anything, cooking, or growing hair.

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A Must Read!
By , Submitted on 2017-09-19

When I first heard about the name of this book, I wasn't sure what to think, but it is a WONDERFUL read. Make sure you have some tissues handy, and then sit back and enjoy the ride.

Sixth grade was a long time ago, but it was easy to remember the game of trying to find your place. It is so sad that our human nature is to be selfish. Of course, not everyone is, but it's so easy to think the worst of others instead of trying to find out why they act the way they do. Mustaches for Maddie was inspiring in its lesson on compassion. And, that it just takes one brave person to make things better.

I highly recommend this book, and have given it to my kids to read.

Funny yet poignant
By , Submitted on 2017-09-07

I listened to audiobook which was performed by Shelly Brown. I hope to listen to many more books read by her because she made it very realistic. I listen to a lot of books and the narrator makes a big difference!

This is a touching book but not depressing. The difficult parts are interspersed with a lot of humor which did make me laugh out loud! I recommend this book for children and adults alike. It should be a new bestseller.

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