A Nation Divided, Vol. 1: Storms Gather

by Robert Marcum


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Randolf and Elizabeth Hudson were barely into their teens when they left the persecuted city of Nauvoo with their mother, Mary, and relocated to booming St. Louis. Mary had lost faith in the restored gospel after the deaths of her dear husband and the Prophet Joseph Smith. For the rest of her life, bitterness prevented Mary from ever again speaking of the Church. But now, thirteen years later, civil war looms on the horizon. And as Rand stands by his mother's freshly dug grave, he ponders what the faith he knew as a child might mean for himself and his sister in an increasingly troubled world.

Both independent thinkers, their opposition to slavery places the at odds with friends and family alike, and mounting political tension threatens to tear apart their most cherished relationships. As Rand fights to keep the family's steamship business from a hypocritical uncle who has sold out to treacherous slaveholders and secessionists, Elizabeth struggles to end an ill-suited entanglement that could cripple her freedom. Now both must stand with courage as bonds are tested and old wounds re-opened in the midst one of the darkest periods in history, a time when a great nation divides against itself.

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About the Author

Robert Marcum

Robert Marcum is a retired member of the BYU–Idaho religion faculty and is presently serving as a stake president in the Rexburg Idaho Henry’s Fork Stake. He is married to Janene Andreasen, formerly of Grace, Idaho, and they have eight children and twenty grandchildren. He graduated from BYU in 1972 and received a master’s degree from Idaho State in 1982. He taught for seminaries and institutes for seventeen years before receiving a position at Ricks College/BYU– Idaho, where he taught for another seventeen years. There, he served as chairman of the Religion Department for five years. During that time, he led student and adult tours to Israel, Egypt, Greece, Turkey, Italy, France, and England, and he, his wife, and four children lived in the Ukraine while he taught a semester of religious studies at a university in Donetsk. He has written ten additional novels for the LDS market in action, adventure, and historical fiction.

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Excellent Novel!
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

One of the best historical novels I've read in a long time! Loved it. I was a history major in college and loved studying the Civil War. The author developed these characters perfectly and kept me engaged throughout. I also felt he did a nice job placing these characters inside the historical events of the time. Highly recommend, even if you are not a history buff! Just got the 2nd book and will read it this week.

Pure Fiction
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

They advertise this as a historical fiction and it's not historically accurate at all (they wouldn't say "umm" in the 1820's) I couldn't get through the first chapter without getting descriptions of dysfunctional romance. It's not intellectually challenging, but if you like pure fiction this works for you. The author tried to write a good book but it didn't fit the bill.

Excellemt story
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

This is a page turner. You cannot wait to read the next volume. When is the release date scheduled. Please place me on the list.

Great historical fiction
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

I am not a big historical fiction person. But, I loved this book. The characters are so well done. You love some of them. Hate some of them. And love and hate some of them. Not to mention the in depth information on live surrounding the Civil War. Very interesting. Definitely a must read.

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