Brick'Em Young Nativity Set

by Brick'em Young Temples

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Purchase a Nativity your whole family will love with this Brick'Em Young Nativity set. This Nativity includes Mary, Joseph, the baby Jesus, one angel, three wiseman, two shepherds, three sheep, three camels, one donkey, a manger and multiple trees and other structures. The bricks included in this set are compatible with other similar building block construction toys.

Product Details

Dimensions8.5''x 20''x 5''
Average Build Time1 hour
Recommended Age9+
Piece Count315

About the Author

Brick'em Young Temples

The founders of BRICK'EM YOUNG are parents of two boys and two girls, all age 9 and less. As a family we have always enjoyed building things with toy bricks. Our children have spent most of their lives in China. The closest LDS temple is in Hong Kong which is a two hour plane ride away. As we thought of ways to better connect our children to the temple, we decided to put pictures of temples in their bedrooms. The idea of using brick building blocks to build temples created great excitement in our children. It was extremely gratifying to hear the words coming out their mouth when they finished constructing their first toy brick temple model. We want to share this experience with as many families as possible!

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