Nativity Puppet Glove Set

by Roman, Inc.

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Teach your kiddos the story of Christmas this year with this amazing Nativity Puppet Glove set. Start them young and use this incredible teaching tool to help them remember the who Jesus Christ is, why his birth is important and who was present at the time of his birth.

Each finger includes one nativity figure. From left: three wiseman, a shepherd, a sheep, a donkey, Joseph, an angel, Mary and a cow. The star and baby Jesus are on the palm of each glove.

About the Author

Roman, Inc.

In operation for more than 50 years, Roman Inc. is the inspiration of Ron Jedlinski. His business was born in 1963 with $500 and an old station wagon full of inspirational products. With a family background in retailing – his father operated Roman’s Art and Gift Shop – it was nearly inevitable that Jedlinski would enter the giftware field. With an office behind his father’s store, Jedlinski christened his company Roman’s Religious Goods in honor of his father who had given his blessing to the venture.

He quickly carved his niche in the religious articles and giftware marketplace, and subsequently expanded into wedding, anniversary, baby, christening and retirement products. As his organization grew, the company evolved into Roman Religious Goods, Inc., followed by the current Roman, Inc. Ownership and management of the company is being passed into the next generation of the Jedlinski family.

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