New Testament Commentary: The Revelation of John the Apostle

by Michael D. Rhodes, Richard D. Draper

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This commentary presents a comprehensive analysis of John’s book aided by the lens of LDS doctrine and Mormon experience. God delivered his messages in the form of images housed within discrete visions, with each symbol explaining, exposing or emphasizing various aspects of the message conveyed. The challenge is getting beyond the symbols to the represented realities. Information is drawn from all the Standard Works, the Joseph Smith Translation of the Bible, and from modern Prophets and apostles. Even so, the best of world scholarship has not been overlooked. The full Greek text of the book is presented in sections along with King James Version and the authors’ new Rendition. The commentary contains translation notes and analysis of ever verse.

Most important, the commentary emphasizes the primary focus of John’s work, “the revelation of Jesus Christ.” The commentary highlights the Apostle’s witness that is Jesus is the Lamb of God alive and active in these last days directing earthly affairs and preparing his Saints and the faithful so that the Father’s intentions will ultimately be accomplished.

About the Authors

Michael D. Rhodes

Michael D. Rhodes is an Emeritus Associate Research Professor of Ancient Scripture at BYU, where he taught from 2003 2011. He was an Assistant Professor of Physics at the United States Air Force Academy. His degrees include a BA in classical Greek and MS ins physics. He has published in Egyptology, astronomy and LDS scripture topics.

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Richard D. Draper

Dr. Richard D. Draper is an Emeritus Professor of Ancient Scripture at BYU. He earned a PhD from BYU University in History in 1988 focusing on Near Eastern, Roman, and Early Christian History, with a minor in ancient Greek philosophy and literature. He was Associate Dean of Religious Education at BYU, 2004-2007 and Managing Director of Publications, 2001-2004.

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