The New Testament Made Easier, Part 1: Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John

by David J. Ridges

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Understand the New Testament as Never Before!

Noted teacher and gospel scholar, David J. Ridges, makes the New Testament come alive in The New Testament Made Easier. The Savior's mortal ministry and atoning sacrifice are felt as well as studied. In-the-verse notes provide a unique teaching tool which allows you to read the complete Bible text of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John while being taught the meaning of difficult Bible words and phrases, symbolism, doctrine, culture and setting. Notes between the verses clarify and alert you to major concepts and messag

About the Author

David J. Ridges

David J. Ridges taught for the Church Educational System for thirty-five years. He taught adult religion and Know Your Religion classes for BYU Continuing Education and spoke at BYU Campus Education Week for many years. He has served as a curriculum writer for Sunday School, seminary, and institute of religion manuals. His callings in the Church include Gospel Doctrine teacher, bishop, stake president, and patriarch. He and his wife, Janette, have served two full-time Church Educational System missions. They are the parents of six children and are enjoying a growing number of grandchildren. They reside in Springville, Utah.

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Makes Reading Easier
By , Submitted on 2015-08-06

I really enjoy the format in Ridges' scripture study books over the format in other study guides. He includes the KJV, any JST that has changes, and commentary. If there are a lot of pronouns (And they took him. And he said unto him. . . ) Ridges identifies who is doing what. (Admit it, there are times you read a few verses and get lost as to who is talking to whom because only pronouns are used rather than names or group identifiers). He offers explanations for holidays and customs, but there are times there could be more information given that would help the reader understand the "Jewish" mindset and lifestyle of the early disciples and apostles. I find Ridges' study guides a valuable asset when studying the scriptures.

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