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This 11-part video recording teaches principles from the New Testament. It is used in Gospel Doctrine classes. It may also be used for individual and family study.

  1. The Message of the New Testament. President Thomas S. Monson speaks of the message of hope and joy in the New Testament. (Lesson 1.) 1:35 min.

  2. Luke II. This segment portrays the account of Jesus' birth. (Lesson 3.) 5:50 min.

  3. The Woman at the Well. Jesus teaches a Samaritan woman that He is the source of living water. (Lesson 5.) 8:15 min.

  4. New Testament Customs. Five segments explain the terms Anointed One, purse and scrip, schoolmaster, phylacteries, olive press, leprosy, synagogue, shepherd, and sheepfold and discuss New Testament customs such as worship in the synagogue, measurement of time, and celebration of feasts and marriages. (Lessons 6, 8, 9, 16, 18, 22, 23, 25.) Varying times from 2 to 3 min.

  5. Come unto Me. A woman anoints Jesus' feet with oil. Jesus teaches the parable of the two debtors. (Lesson 10.) 7:06 min.

  6. To This End Was I Born. This segment portrays the final hours of Jesus' mortal life. It also portrays His ministry in the spirit world and His Resurrection. (Lesson 26.) 15:57 min.

  7. The Second Coming. Elders Boyd K. Packer and Neal A. Maxwell give counsel and caution regarding the Second Coming. (Lesson 31.) 2:31 min.

  8. Godly Sorrow. A young woman learns the necessity of godly sorrow as part of the repentance process. (Lesson 35.) 10:30 min.

  9. Paul -- A Chosen Vessel. This segment relates the life and mission of Paul. (Lesson 38.) 10:34 min.

  10. The Whole Armor of God. Through ancient and modern examples and the words of latter-day prophets, this segment teaches the importance of remaining clean and worthy to serve. (Lesson 39.) 13:10 min.

  11. The Body Is a Temple. This segment depicts the dangers of harmful habits and substances. (Lesson 42.) 6 min.

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